Saturday, June 25, 2011

Test Thin Thinkpads

A lot of sexy thin laptop is going out to market nowadays. So how do we spot the ideal one or the not? I mean looking good outside but its performance make me play angry birds. Speaking of style, quality and most of all the overall performance since it cannot be customize or assemble. June 24,2011 Lenovo announced yesterday at renaissance hotel Makati launched its thinnest laptop. I like comparing gadgets and laptops almost all of them were good in special thing like speed, graphics, visual, weight and performance capability.

It's like comparing basketball performance of lebron, jordan, wade, kobe and dirk theirs a mutual respect but they have different style when it comes to result and performance. I test, blog and see different thin laptop, gadgets stuff like Fujitsu, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and Apple. They are like the famous basketball players i mentioned above but in time of growing need and situation you can identify the rigth gadget for the rigth situation of when you will use this thin thinkpad.

If nobody is perfect when it comes to our techy demanding growing needs. We need to come up with the ideal one based on our budget, lifestyle and taste. X1 laptop is designed for professionals that suites its best mobility because its so thin ever at 1.72kg. The quality is good since I'm a user way-back 2008, also i wrote its asia pacific slogan. The good easy to use software and hardware performance made stuff easy the style is competitive and most of all entertainment games graphics must be in real color all the time. I experienced the mini lenovo s10 usage but this 1 is quite thinner than i see so imagine carrying lightweight compare to your current laptop. x1 specs of 3.7 pounds is just like carrying a tab or a college notebook that charges 80% of its battery in just 30mins. In times of busy schedules we need to get things as fast as we can. So this thin x1 charge as fast as it could be.

Its 10hours battery life is much more needed in our busy life traveling or having meeting back and forth so we wont be needing to charge or to look for plug in to coffee shops, office, mall or hotel conference room. In businessman eyes delayed means loss so how can you say if this professional is a pro or amateur?Even in office it waste to much time when i saw people and office-mates looking for plug in. 2.5 faster than a typical battery with 1k cycle battery that will last for 5years.
"For those who do" lenovo's recent global brand launch. Thinkpad x1 is additional to the x series that meets the macho's brilliant military performance. That perform hardcore in the environment and the specs were efficient and cost effective empowering productive employees. This 13.3 inch super bright infinity screen with built in business class innovation. High definition display with reasonable sound of dolphy home theater v4 system makes your movie and music lively even wireless connected to TV or Projector for business presentation. It also have an optional 720p camera and high definition mic for your skype or ym talk good for video call and video conferencing. I like this for call center pro like me so that i can connect-execute biz to the business world easily. Windows 7 experience 2.0 lenovo certification will start your laptop in 20 secs? I say goodbye! No more coffee break anymore or waiting for minutes to restart your presentation or work. 120k is the starting price for x1 pre order through biz partners. Reasonable? So good things aren't cheap right and cheap things aren't good?

About Lenovo is a 21b US$ tech company serving more than 160 countries. And the 4th Worlds largest PC vendor. Who Acquired IBM personal computing division. They Innovate, engineered pc and mobile internet devices with major research center in Japan, China and US. So, Visit for more info!

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