Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 10 Influential Blogger for 2011

This are my pics for 2011 Influential Blogger that i see and follow. Even though they start a new but they give impact to the readers and society. You can win 100$ if you nominate minimum of 5 like what i did last year. Blogs that are personalize and being reviewed with integrity. Based on actual experience and it doesn't matter either you are a college grad or not. Youth or adult even whatever status you may have.

I've seen senior citizen like the taipan Oscar Lopez blogs. Even minors, parents, singles, lovers, doctors, businessman, engineers, unemployed, gamers, OFW's, travelers, professionals and some are youths do blog. So lets see what they do on their vision when it comes to their freedom of speech, likes, hobbies, passion and lifestyle.

Here's my 10 Picks;

Men's Wisdom and New Technology Stuff made Easy.

I feel like a hero if i read this blog it gives us inspiration for every Filipino.

Good photos and pro blogging style to earn a living.

Passionate, Advocate of Vegetarian Life and healthy lifestyle.

Everything is in Budget with Practical Tips. Cool World Exciting travel Contest at Stake .

Very good reviews on Events and Blogger's Wisdom.

Reference for  Philippine Local Travel Experience.

Love Passion Models

Learn to Blog and Earn

I like the travel Photos. Experience and Food Escapades.

I've been a nominee to this event last year. And its good to see most of the participants and winners for this yearly event. Also to recognize its dedication, passion for excellence. Also the organizer is my mentor thanks in advance for this wonderful event. Visit  for more info.


JayL Aquino said...

thank you for including as of one of the emerging blogs this year! :D

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

welcome jayl

The Lunch Break Blogger said...

Thank you Jayson! God Bless!

Renz said...

Thank you so much for including RIZALPARK.ORG on your list.

carl said...

thanks for including

Liz Money Web said...

Thanks for including me on your list! :)
Your post is hightlighted on my sidebar. :)

dimaks said...

Hi fellows! my list still needs 9 blogs for the emerging and influential blogs of 2011.

Jayson got a great list here! Good luck to all the nominees! said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence Jayson. :)

- Jonel /

Anciro said...

hmmm...son, nganong wla man ko nimo giapil ? ehehehehehehe said...

Hi Jayson. Kindly add the list of sponsors to your writing project entry so I can include you in the raffle masterlist. Will you be able to attend the September 13 eyeball?

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

sure Janette punta ako..i already published the sponsored links and names from you post..thanks

anciro whats your question?

Sinjin said...

Thank you for including Libotero. More power! :) said...

Hi Jayson. I just included your entry in the raffle masterlist. See you at the event.