Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brigth Leaf

Do you believe that pen is better than sword? I believe so, it can promote peace and can educate ignorance. So if you could imagine how you can help the country using your pen and idea in the field of agriculture. As what i can see this thing is taken for granted by the majority of the people. We must always remember that agriculture is the basis of all that we need (food) more than what we want(entertainment). 

The 5th Bright Leaf Agriculture Awards competition gives recognition to all agricultural journalist. Promoting best practices, techniques, development  all over the country. So if your a journalist 18 year old and above you are free to join this competition. Open for TV, Print and Photo journalists see the detailed mechanics here. Mail, Email or call

The Bright Leaf Secretariat c/o Cozoz, Inc.
1102 P. Ocampo corner Conchu Streets, Malate, Manila
02.522.87.82 or at 02.525.25.25 or

Join the 5th Bright Leaf Agriculture Awards
Visit the site for more info
So submit your entry now not later than Aug 31, 2011!

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