Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mixology and Blueniversity

If we had culinary school for food, chefs, cooking demos or cooking schools. We have also GSM Blueniversity in which GSM teaches us on how to mix drinks and drink with social responsibility. Also to teach amateurs or beginners like me on how to flair tend and mix cocktail like a pro.

This mixing made before as a workshop but right now its also a competition and some are profession. And they called the drink winner competition exclusive for bloggers to be called as toma-cum laude. They teach us the difference between a Drink, Rhum, Cocktail and a Gin.
Anyways Gin is developed before as a remedy on arthritis in medical field. Now its the worlds most popular drink. I'm not a drinker anyway but i just take a toast sometime. When theirs a reason to celebrate like victory party. So i drink light occasionally like once in a blue moon.
The main reason why they teach people on mixology workshop especially young adults to do mixes. To boost its confidence, knowledge and skills for future bar tenders, entertainers and HRM students. See more info and pics of the event here.

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