Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cool design of Htc sensation and htc wildfire

Htc a global smartphone leader for innovation and design invites me to last weeks htc sensation and htc wildfire product launched. This is one of the coolest geek tech event im always excited for because of learning and experiencing first hand of the gadget. Before it will be mostly launch in the market it feels like watching wall street, transformer or social network a week or two before it will be available to the public.

So its good to hear good news before you see it on mall, news, magazine or tv rigth? Some of the tech, software and mobile phones ive blog like samsung, lg, apple, nokia, polycom, netsuite, microsoft, yahoo were always fast changing i mean you can expect something new benifit, advocacy and features when they launched it. They are damm good and they have healthy cold war competition to each other and something unique to the public to offer. To put this usefull gadgets into our lifestyle and business.
Anyways this giant tech company's constantly innovate, designs, uprgade for the benifits of its users. So speaking of htc sensation i can feel the that its best in class because of its video service and 8 megapixel camera so you wont worry bringing bulky dslr. You dont need to worry about the video or picture application to be used because you can crop and edit the clips. With 1080p resolution full stereo sound video makes the experience more cooler. Now its 1.2 gegahertz oh what a term of dual core processor that will enhance its all around f1 racing like speed performance. Yun lng medyo mataas yong price around 30k approx and reasonable ksi high end sya i think its the counter part of iphone4n5 pati ng samsung galaxy s and lg optimus.

But they also have htc wilfire s «pang masa ang dating». Last nigth when i test both phones at republic launch it fucntions well and look good. Suitable for techy and fashionistas whos always on the go. Android application is cool to connect to emails, facebook and social media sites.
Its 1 Of the htc smallest phone ever 3.2inch hvga dislplay with 10.13
Cm long and 5.94cm wide. Small and handy phone with internet android connection is a good chemistry rigth? around 10k+ in the market o masa,dba? to see more technical specs and demo visit Htc got the shape, design, application to express yourself.

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HTC Desire said...

Wow just cool! The portrayed pictures, have you clicked through HTC Sensation? I mean I just liked the clarity and can you please specify whether HTC Desire can be used for the same or not if clarity is the main concern?