Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yahoo OMG Awards

In todays digital age i spent half of my daylife task in front of this amazing softwares, technology, pc and application. Speaking of internet yahoo Philippines will roll its purple carpet to recognize the most searh celebrities, entertainment artist, news site to celebrate its power on how to reach its fanatic fans. I was invited to this awarding and launching ceremony as well OMG its an honor for me to be with the countries multi awarded band, singers, artist, designer,performers, actor and actresses. Paano kaya napunta ang mix blog ko dito? Well i think they are related to winning naman or showbiz nga lang.

The awards will be on June 21 composes of 72 nominees in 18 categories. In which winners are determine by search queries and polling method. The awards will be sponsored by my favourite car company like Jaguar and Land Rover. Yahoo entertainment site launched this year but increased tremendously of 682k unique visitors per month. Visit to see the list of nominees or go to or follow it on you can also see your celebrities photo on
You can vote too or you may see my personal picks;

Hottest actor => Diether Ocampo my hs look a like naks..somebody says lang kasi
Hottest actress => Anne Curtis hoping shes always single sayang d kasama si Petra Mahalimuyak
Funniest comedian => Syempre im for Vhong Navarro sayang wala si Bayani 88 sana for women i go for baklang babae na si tuesday vargas.

Breakthough artist ill go for derek ramsay and solenn huesaf both kayumangi. For awesome young one ill go for sam conception and julia montes.

For tv host naman ill go for masa willie and costplay alodia wierd, badoy or jologs ba? no? pero they have appeal for me.

Amazing newcomer ill go for deigo loyzaga and jasmine curtis. For coolest singer ill bet for rico blanco and charice. At para sa banda syempre parokya ni edgar. And for designer of the year i like the work art of rajo laurel so see you at republic this tuesday. I cant imagine myself entering blog into show business so its just happen along the way. Ill post more pics later..


Ruth said...

Hahaa sino me sabi kamukha mo si Diet? :P

Yeah, Petra Mahalimuyak is such a hottie too!

See you tom! It's gonna be a purple party!!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

classmates and friends tagal n noon 11 years ago..