Sunday, June 19, 2011

Solenn's Vitress

Sollen Huesaff is the commercial model and my vet for Yahoo OMG pick for breakthrough awards category. Last week she insisted to put a vitress on my Bruce Willis and Jason Statham hair. Sollen we're not meant to be she too brown and hairy for me just kidding.  Even though she knew that my hair is half an inch thick she put a few drops on it.

After that it smells and feel good for me and i find it good for mens use as well.  Splash Corporation choose her as ambassador fro Vitress because of her lifestyle as a role model busy Filipina. A celebrity-model and multi talented women of the society with a nice hair that most men would like. I just look at Vitress model-user and Soleen's pictorial i can see that Vitress makes womens hair shine. Sollen use it most of the time and she like to endorse it to the public. I cant describe it more because i'm not a women by heart visit some of the ladies blogs here and here.