Monday, June 13, 2011

Learning on Phub Leadership Congress

Yesterday June 13, 2011 at Roofdeck of JELP Business Solutions Center in 409 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. I was able to attend the 1st Pacific Hub Leadership Congress in which we heard again message from our CEO Beaver Lopez. Phub Mancom Team Mylene, Isay, Tom, Ces, Pam and a lot More (Brilliant Idea to Make this Happen) and Guest Speakers Emily Abrera and Chot Reyes. Its good to check and balance our self from time to time.  On how effective we our in the team and the whole organization. Even greats coaches like Coach Chot Reyes experienced the darkest days of his life at the Peak of his career.

Speaking of Emily Abrera discussed the "Art of Power" based on her personal experience as a copywriter and a CEO of McCann Erickson Group. A mufti awarded persona in the field of Advertising  like the Agora in1995. You may as a question how a certain UP undergrad reach the top CEO post of a prestigious company? She detailed the art on her story without slides. Now she point out some insights on how to understand things like the sign languages of dogs and national geographic animals. Same as in tandem to developing the best skills with our people. also to do great things by Teamwork. So i saw to her  the real meaning of work and education based on her result. From humble beginning to top caliber productive humble leader.

While Basketball Coach Chot Reyes shared his passion in basketball developed icons like Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Codinera , Jun Limpot, Olsen Racela, Ali Peek and 2011 PBA Champion Talk n Text. I can relate with Chot the difference between and coach and a winning coach. Aside from his businessman himself he also establish to train f500 business executives. I like his topic when he said Start, Stop and Continue experience. He said he was fired by Sta Lucia and Purefoods before as a Coach because of Ego. The thing is he got a great plan and outstanding people but still his life is miserable. Then he ask his people and great players. Olsen Racela said "Kasi Boss Sorbang busy ka na di ka na ma Reach" then he realized Olsen is right and has a point. Then he discussed return of investment and return of relationship. Relationship is the most important so you really need to ask you people What do i need to Start? Stop and continue Doing?

He also discussed that nobody is killed in "Hardwork" (I Agree) that's why he discussed hardcore/hardwork basics. And people really likes how much you care than how much you know. In relation to my people this is very much true most important thing is hardcore in everything you do. I like my people to do best and hardcore basics in marketing as well as for them to think like a Champion. When they close their sales, lead people and develop leaders. Bring out the gift on you as what Emily and Chot said you can be best and better in something. I am an Advocate of winning also I'm addicted into it but for me i think coach Chot would go to the next level like this (NBA & World Basketball Championship).

One more thing a leader must always have a heart, hand and mind. He must understand the heart of the operation because you cannot be in lack of one. This are some of the errors of leaders that need to be instilled in their heart. That why you have a great plan of execution but the result is not OK as planned. So its really important to both value the dignity of labor both hands, mind and heart. So that we can bring the best talent and gift to our people. You need to dine, kneel, remove your credentials, share sweet, tears, joy even blood with them. In short speak their language like what i do to my toxic rep (who shouted and embarrassed my several times)  who eventually became my good productive rep. And discipline will lead eventually to a character wither sports, business or relationship.

Some people looks me crazy when i  tell the rep and loose myself like this "You are better than me because I'm only talking to you, but you and yourself are talking to Americans who are decision makers and Owners"  Then i rephrase you are better than me because I'm talking to employee but you are talking to owners. You make me, accounting, hr and whole company operates so be proud of it. So i want you to be productive, smart and genius reps. And never small you title as an agent or a rep Most of all deliver quality and sales. Because you can never compromise integrity as you eat good principle or use people because of hunger. I would bet my last ounce of courage to those people whose in the actual arena and action. You can apply at Phub Lopez Group to be part of our winning team you may contact me at 09279896797 or email me your resume-portfolio for leadership or agents position at Now show your prowess you could be the next performer and leader visit

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