Monday, June 13, 2011

(Business Matters) I Love BlackBerry Bold 9780

I have noticed and observed that most of the people use Blackberry are those people who got taste like professionals, talents, artists, entrepreneurs, fassionistas or hold key positions i mean leader in the industry. My clients used it and most entrepreneurs I've deal with got 2-3 mobile smartphones and 1 of it is blackberry. Like the owner of our company Beaver Lopez used it and he was kind enough to provide blackberry to all its executives.

He even sponsored my Jack Nicklaus golf tournament too. Ive seen some PR company's and professionals from the call center industry does this too. 
Well, I ask my superiors the Director, Operations Manager for  North America Europe as well as local Account in Call Center Business Process Outsource BPO industry. Why do you like Blackberry? Why do use Blackberry? What's the difference compare to Mac, Smartphones and Android Phones? 

They all answer same related answer to me they like the outlook and the features. They really like the emails when they send it means business. DJ De Jesus my mentor told me same thought which is the email the business part side. 
Ces Manalo Director for Local Operations like Globe and ABS CBN

Ces told me she is biased she like both BB and Mac but she cant live the other one. She told me 1 for business emails in our office and 1 is for social media fun features. She likes and love BB. As this leaders make crucial and tough business decisions they need BB in partner to its success. 
Sr. Director Isay Using its BB all the Time 
During our Company Leadership Congress Yesterday

This people got big responsibility in the entire company that hold thousands of employees. Making sure that the info  is cascaded based on company's mission-vision. I was amazed how do this people behave since i'm not a blackberry user. I've tried to understand why do people act this way before i acquired or win this stuff. I would be more happy to win this stuff courtesy of BB and Unbox. Ive used different kind of mobile phones some of them were shipped from other countries like UK and Korea  to blog my personal experience and features of the new gadget or phone stuff. Some of my blog actual experience post were re-blogs by foreign bloggers and post to their corporate site. Also i like it because before its sold our in the market i have the first hand of experience about its benefits-usage.

 Lets take a look at this video why do this people like it. 

The Bachelors, Gamers, Fashionista  and Yuppie Type: "Kilig"

The Spiritual, Businessman, Professional, Artist of the Faithful Type: "Mabait"

The Native Hero Type: "Ang Buhay"

I Love BlackBerry Bold 9780 because i can relate to this 3 videos and i want to experience it! I like longer hours 528 hours time with 6 hours talk time. As well as widescreen 480x360 with a 5 mega-pixel photo with auto-focus that can recognize cute dimples, rosy cheeks on your face, pearly white teeth and tantalizing eyes. Universal search 6.0 OS is much friendly, easy to understand and fun to use. Most of all for me BB helps Business Matters.  

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