Saturday, June 11, 2011

Independence and Fathers Day

Today i was thinking on how to celebrate this memorable occasion with my father and heroes at the same time. Watching the music festival yesterday at fontana leisure park Olympic swimming-pool venue. To witness both hiphop,reggae,rock and music united as some of the songs were dedicated to theme called freedom and independence. Something like this happy bonding moment that i would like to share to my creator aside from dear heavenly father.

Keeps me thinkin what's the best moments in time i can share to my father this Sunday. Maybe i could treat him to NBA or Las Vegas boxing his favorite pastime. How i wish if i had that luxury, who knows someday rigth? But the good thing is i already greet him early this morning. So, Now that we all celebrate our independence day i just realized the value and sacrifice that our heroes done before. That most of us enjoying the fruit of freedom of their sacrifice yesterday. Same thing with our fathers and our bravest fathers of in memory of independence. So you can watch some movies like Bayani, Rizal, Tirad Pass, Independence day or Armageddon so that you would realize the value of heroism and sacrifice. I remember my uncle telling stories about his General in the US navy chaplain services. The gentlemen said when i die i don't want myself to be called or address as a general, doctor, honorable and something great. I wanna be called a Father when i heard that all i can say is wow. So happy fathers day to all fathers and independence day to all Filipinos.

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