Friday, June 10, 2011

Ducati Roadshow Philippines

Last June 4, 2011 ducati monster motorcycles and shell does it roadshow and competition. In which they gather up ducati monster big bike motors enthusiast. In vinice piazza at the heart of bonifacio global city. Some of the awards are like the loudest monster and oldest style or model monster. In which the men or the instant superstar were identified at that foggy afternoon. Some of the motorist monster feels like Valentino Rossi at that moment in time.

So in this gathering you would be able to see different styles of owner on how they love or tc of their motor honey. Some of them enhanced the engine as well as safety riding measures by putting extra accessories. They also do x deal to test drive other fella monster and feel the rush. But of course the sponsors always reminds its safety first measures.
Ducati is also 1 of the major sponsor when i compete to the finals of marlboro red racing school finals qualifying to all expense to italy wayback 2007. Since i was taught by our international race motorsport instructors to always do safety first. I apply those safety to other motors but still sometimes i mess up with my car. I dont want to mess up with this bike because this is too fast and it takes time to know its safety before you ramp it on the expressway.
If you had 1 car or expensive monster like this its hassle for them to maintain and repair as well. Just to avoid accident to the uninitiated between easy rider regular motor. Than to use this as fast car motor or better than your xuv speed performance velocity. You need a buddy and a team of ducati experts to fullfill your cup of coffee hobby. ill post d monster pics later..


Wheel Alignment Equipment said...

That's a really nice event. I love those Ducati motors because they are on the top of the class.

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

yes they are thats why enthusiast spends a lot of money and time to value its quality