Friday, June 10, 2011

Pinoy Special Olympics on 13th World Summer Games

Yesterday i asked special Olympics national director Alex Babst and VP Mrs Therese Macapagal about their vision and mission why they support this games. Both local and abroad, they replied because they have children who got mental disorder. So they really active in this advocacy mostly the expense is coming out from thier own pocket to train their child and to sponsor another child. Btw special olympics is a worldwide non profit organization supported by private people and individuals. It consists of 3.5million athletes & 100k volunteer operating 170 countries in 7 regions.

I understand the feeling of in case of Alex and Therese because nobody would be the best child in the world. Except your own child wiether they are born normal or not. Special Olympics In the Philippines was founded in 1978 with 12,500 intellectually challenged athletes on counting. Aside from this we also talked about sports and my life as an athlete. I told them that most of our athletes has lack of funds or support from government and businesses to international arena competition.

They are very thankfull for PCSO, SM and former Pres Arroyo that supports its mission before but still not enough to make this training and competition a normal thing. To boost the moral of our mentally challeged fellowmen. Not only to boost its confidence, role model to other handicapped fellow but also to bring honor to country. Next week the athletes will flew to Athens, Greece for to represent the country to 13th World Summer Games from June 20 to July 4. But prior to this they are already winning olympic gold medals. After this they are also planning to compete to South Africa like the soccer world cup thing.