Monday, May 30, 2011

Kiwi Gold and Green Zespri

I thought that New Zealand is rich in milk but, its also the home of the best kiwi fruits in the world. So you don't need to travel to this country to enjoy the best gold and green kiwi fruit. Because its available at your leading supermarket nationwide. 

Kiwi is the best ally for aging because it has Vitamin E and antioxidants. Like the carotenoids and polypenoids that fights radicals which is damaged by our stress in work or life. Its also contain vitamins that helps age-related eyesight deterioration called carotenoid lutien. 

At Cerveseria, Greenbelt 3 i was able to taste the kiwi shake and the kiwi itself. Both fruit taste good but for me gold taste more even better. But according to Steve Bunyan Zespri's Asia Manager. It's both good and didn't answer whether he like most the gold or the green one. When he explain its history and how it was grow and freshly delivered to supermarkets. According to him gold is much a little bit higher price compare to green one.

My former PBA icon Vince Hizon give me a handshake, while we enjoy the kiwi different menus and ice blended shakes. While his wife the Host Patricia Bermudez-Hizon asked me if i had a question. Because she caught me asking question from travel magazine editor. But before she asked the editor already answers my question about the kiwi price which is from 20-32 pesos per piece.  
If you like to experiment or know more about on how to prepare Zespri Kiwifruit. You can use the ff. recipes and taste the difference of living the fruity healthy yummy life. which is good combination as appetizer or fruit/veges salads lover like me. Check this out (this recipe has a European twist to it)

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