Monday, May 30, 2011

Converse Block Party

Converse understands the lifestyle of the youth. I had a pair of all star converse i used when i was still in HS until college and guess what? Its durable, hit and stylish during those times i used it for more than 5 years.  I remember Rodman, Bird, Johnson, Erving and NBA superstars endorse this brand. 

Block Party at SM MOA last last week was fun and tiring. After i do the 3 points challenge aside from playing basketball for 2 hours. Thanks to Jen and Jason for the tour and telling me more about converse. From the youth lifestyle, sports, music, arts, styles, shoes, bags, shirts, 3d animation and more.

One of its shoe model is the collaboration of DC heroes. Of course we all like heroes right?  Converse X DC like Superman, Batman, Justice League collection also saves our young at heart day. Basketball collection also makes our sports collection even more remarkable because of our icon. Same as heroes they are our model and we want to be like them. 

Converse also have apparels for men and women in different styles. Like if your not into sports they have for artist, street-style, formal, hiphop and punk-rock.  
Spay Painting at Drums and Photo Shoot Station
Converse lifestyle using flat shoes to perform passion on skateboards
I ask the punk guy can i use my shocks tennis shoes?
He say no, you can balance and you should use the ideal flat use like we do.
Contest: Spins for a long time Wins
After 3point and basketball, i'm with the giant shoes
Carlos Agassi and other Stars and college athlete were playing basketball.
Mix DJ, Hiphop, Rock, Punk, Sounds United
Shoe tour
Demo on how to use the All purpose bag that ca be detached
It has sports, ipad and laptop guard
Mouth works with cool party sounds coming from the mouth.
They have concert as well the guitar, base, drums, effects are coming from the mouth.
Spin that DJ! This hip-hop guys aren't tired?
Cool live sounds, plunger, wah wah, drums, shredding..
The beat..the beat..the coming from the mouth..
3d converse life
Flat Shoes and the Board
My College Shoes looks like the Old Style
Artist likes to Paint
Basketball new model Shoes
3 Point Shoot Out Hardcourt! Visit

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