Sunday, May 29, 2011

LG Cinema 3D & Smart TV

LG lunched its Cinema 3D and Smart TV  last week May 23, 2011 at Edsa Shangrila Hotel. First let me tell you what is smart TV? It's a high end TV that offers not only content and good display. But also offers you to limitless application fun solution and internet entertainment services.

"d blag boyz" With No Battery Cool LG Shades

And what its make more smarter than your regular TV is that its: So Easy, It has dashboard and motion control all you have to do is point, click and control like a magic wand or i consider this as a stylus of your high tech smartphone. Without the hassle of your traditional tv commander that has a lot of buttons and bulky arrow key. It has also drag and flick lets just say this is like the touchscreen of your conventional keypad iphone, nokia, android or blackberry phone.

Or a ipad/tab of your traditional laptop made easy tech navigation right? let me tell you the dashboard is like the control or CMS of your website or blog. I mean you can navigate the application like Microsoft windows OS of your pc. Sounds good for TV to happen right? TV functions like a robot and computer now amazing. More- Smart Share, Media Link, Web Browser....(Like Transformer or Lego if you picture it out on your mind) Portable HDD, USB memory, Tablet, digital cameras, PC, Phone all in one smart share? cool! Its like a command center smart tv has the full control of this armed gadget with internet..Entertainment, business use, family fun and social media what can you ask for?..Fun Applications more games and entertainment..Better - Premium Content. So Smart TV gets better and better as time goes by right?
Video: LG 3D TV Screentest - Brightness

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