Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I can do with a Samsung Smart TV

So what you think can we do in present and pass? Things I can do with a Samsung Smart TV NOW which i can't do before. Answer better Quality of Life, Now ill explain below. 

Lets examine first on my previous Samsung Smart TV blog what i have learned from this Samsung Smart TV. After you read my previous blog, see the video or research by yourself or samsung site. Now you understand how this Smart Internet 3d TV technology works.
I can see the better picture in my mind how things should be done the better way. The simplest, easiest way possible. When i spoke to my previous seminars and previous conferences to schools and hotel. This is what they miss live interaction to its viewers around the world. i mean live question and answer via twitter, social media or facebook. 

What i mean is that last iblog7 when samsung introduce this technology. I saw the timely tweet by my listeners and fellow bloggers about. Asking me this and commenting me that it was a good feeling seeing it in the flat screen of Samsung Smart TV the Tweet Trends. Since the performance of this technology is very essential I would highly recommend this to my family, work, sports circle, business associates, media, public and friends.

This is the WHY i recommend in every industry

Sports Yatch, Golf and Racing

Every-time i go to Golf Driving Range i saw Koreans, Filipinos and Other foreign golfer got personal trainer or coach. So i decided to asked my brother to film my swing for coaching and further improvement. Like what i saw to other coach coaching beginners and golfers to improve their swing.

What if we use Samsung Smart TV - We can conference to our coach, fellow player and other coaches lively. On how to improve our swing and share opinion, excitement, passion to each other.  Even if they are not on my location or at their home they can see me lively swing. See the better quality of life in sports passion right?
Last F1 Abu Dhabi Challenge i was in hotel sports bar watching live with fellow enthusiast. If you can see them shouting, cheering and talking to friends who didn't make it because they are in other part of manila and country.  You would feel how they are quite disappointed that some fella didn't come.  But if this discovery suites hotel sports bar, red rock travel would use Samsung Smart TV like what we have done last Iblog7. Im sure everybody is present via twitter or facebook. While watching the f1 live excitement they can comment. And mention their colleague whose supporting Vettel or Alonso during the final buzzer beater pitstop lap. 
F1 Abu Dhabi live Viewing 2011
My top 50 Red Racing Finals 2007 will be more remarkable race to top five F1 Italy. If half a million enthusiast who applied for the next race-star didn't make it to the top 50 finals would witnessed our live workshop, actual race lap, AF2 pit-stop assembly, simulation and enduro challenge. With the presence of international race instructor and victory party afterwards. I think they would say Smart TV is awesome.
I have international drivers license. But i don't have any Yacht drivers licence at this time. But I'm driving this boat like a crazy handsome with an expert guide. Samsung smart TV can be used inside this yacht and we can conference to the world and social media friends from time to time this good time. And also the wave of the navigation and some basic education about sailing. Each time we change driver we can just go inside and do coaching and driving instructions reminder. Aside from learning basic information offshore.

Business And Advocacy

If this technology is beneficial in Sports and Personal or Family Use. Of course i would recommend this to my ka-berks in the Call Center Industry. Ive been in this industry for almost 7 years but my passion is on how to improve productivity process, enhance skills, develop people and lessen the company cost of expense. With this billion dollar industry rapidly growing here in the Philippines. I think our top executive should use this smart TV to conference task and reports to our big boss in North America, Europe, Asia and all over the world.  Imagine how they can increase productivity if they would utilize this technology and application. When dealing to its internal processes even can do live corporate conference. Or even business development, training staff, enhancing skills and coaching leaders.
Tondo Feeding Center and Remote Area in Metro Manila

Together With Bishop, Pastors, Sisters, Rabbi and Religious Volunteers 
United Charity Mission should be seen by the Whole World My uncle Works in the US Navy goes here and do some educational, medical and feeding mission. With the Philippine Government, NGO's and some Religious Leaders. Samsung TV might be a good help to do conference talk to hospitals and schools to its HQ to reach more fortunate donors abroad.
With Indigenous People @ Naval Training Command Zambales

Also being an Active member of New Media, Digital Filipino, Bloggers Network and E commerce society we play vital role in delivering relevant and vital timely information to the public. We need to be equipped with the latest useful Technology like the Samsung Smart TV. For us to satisfy and give value to our readers, clients and partners. In every industry aside from sports and family use.
See that 360degrees smile?

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Great Entertainment of Quality Technology
I got very important business in this Tiger City

Because this night I'm gonna date the Fine Princess Regaining the Filipino Glorious Identity. Because when Martin Luther King and Michael Jackson do something to prevent Racial Discrimination. I noticed  previously while traveling to foreign country some still practice it. So i need to do someting for our fellowmen. Dating Ms. Singapore World 2009 Pilar Arlando Can be more exciting if this media coverage in Singapore flyer. Could be broadcast live to the Whole World via Samsung Smart TV with live tweet about whats the latest?
My Family Members, Friends Even Kids will be more happy to see this Smart TV. Also to play and explore its unique application i'm blogging about. This is more than just a TV and an Internet, to provide us a better quality of life. See??? Everybody likes Samsung Smart TV visit and Like Samsung Smart TV on Facebook


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I am thrilled to learn about the new Samsung products in store for 2012. I think that this will be the year of the internet TV.