Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Smart Samsung TV & Smart TV Contest

Last April 7, 2011 at 7th High,  Bonifacio Global City - the new Samsung Smart TV Revealed its newest TV Technology. So why it is called "Smart TV?" Before i answer that question, please see this Cool Short Video first.
This video guarantees you a new look of a Philippine Television experience more than a cinema. Why i said its more than a cinema? Because aside from video you can connect on your favourite internet social media channel like facebook, twitter even your waiting for you important mail, business outlook and phone call. To get you connected to the world via voice, chat even conference without turning off your smart TV. And its good to have feature and benefits like this when your watching live TV events, news, sports and entertainment.
If i had this TV no one can interrupt me chatting from social media. Enthusiast F1 fanatics will feel the adrenaline, excite while watching our favorite F1 action sports live. So we can conference also right? Even they are out of the country. Fast Samsung technology as fast as this smart TV. Because we can share the updates in every second live using this smart TV. In F1 every seconds and excitement is very crucial you can win or loose in a split of milliseconds.

Also Its thin, sleek and translucent design makes your TV experience more exciting.  Its  unique intelligence makes  it unique from other brand more competitive. 
I Think Every Mommy like Renz likes to have Samsung LED
 Shrimp Seafood Dinner @ 7th High

This 1 Superb Technology Gadget can do Many Tasks like

1. Samsung Smart TV World Wide Web connection 
Sharing Info and Get Updates online via Social Media wether its a blog, facebook, twitter, LAN or WAN games. While simultaneously watching our favourite movie or TV channel on 1 big 3d screen.

2.  This TV provides Wide TV Applications

Samsung understands Wide TV Applications for growing demands of its users. They provide usefull TV applications via Appl Store.
3. Its Design is very slim 3d compatible screen with 3d sound system. Its touchscreen and remote is also enjoyable.

This TV has a all-share feature that lets you synchronize its content from your gadgets.
“All-Share Feature” synchronize Laptops or Mobile phone. So that its easy for us to watch our own video, music, pictures and more. 

5. This TV also Advocates green living because Samsung equate. Watching this TV with saving the mother earth or invironment.
Jan Roman, Product Manager of Samsung elaborates this 5 features above. She also demonstrate on how to navigate this Smarts TV via Samsung Galaxy tab. Also together with host Cerah, they patiently let me do the test drive of this TV via Galaxy Tab. Since i mistyped my password via Galaxy Tab, good thing that my password was not flashed on the media screen during the press-con only in my hand remote which is Galaxy Tab. Jan told us, that this is more than just surfing the web and having a TV. This unique product is relevant to various viewers needs.
 Jhong do the Test Drive the Samsung Galaxy tab control and TV 
Its also cool to view this TV wearing the 3d shades
 Cerah Hernandez the Host entertain questions from Media-Bloggers
 Blogger Ask Question to Jan About the TV if its Wifi or BlueTooth Accessible
What your answer to that question?
 Im on Samsung Photo Booth
 Im using Samsung Blue Tooth from Korea
Feeling like an Android or Robot with New Samsung Technology
 Jeff Won Samsung Item on Raffle
Sana Ako
Renz Wins Samsung DVD via Raffle
 Pic from Samsung Sneak Video Preview
3D Technology Synergy, Great Hardware design,
World Wide Excellence Recognition and Green Living Advocacy
What can you ask for?
 Viewing and Surfing is so easy with one Gadget Right?

So you like to Win this TV? 
Its so Simple, just Answer this question to your blog
Things you can do with a Samsung Smart TV?

Bloggers Promo Titled “Things you (I) can do with a Samsung Smart TV” - a cool promo where Samsung asks you to tell them what you think you can do with a Samsung Smart TV. To get a chance to win a Samsung Smart TV.

Blog and TAG them at Facebook @Samsung TV PH and hashtag on Twitter #samsungsmartTVPH

The most number of creative blog entries may be the lucky owner of one Samsung Smart TV. One can truly say that TV just got smarter, only with a Samsung Smart TV. Join Now! Visit for more info. I will be joining this contest as well see my blog post later.

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