Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Speeches and Iblog7

My Presentation
Last day i was able to speak to UP Diliman, Malcolm Hall College of Law iBlog Summit7, topic about organizing successful online contest. Prior to speaking engagements in DLSU topic about Website, ecommerce and SEO wayback 2006. Also blogging and Social Media in Miriam College. And winning online contest last year ecommerce summit at intercon in front of different CEO's and International Businessmen on guard that this tycoons would eat me alive with provoking questions after i have presented. Thank God i know now how to swim with the sharks without being eaten.  Because I've never meet them personally before I've only see them on newspaper, business magazines and press release. 

Question and Answer
Sometimes you would face the most difficult circumstances that other people would belittle your skill and capabilities. But in my case i ignore them, same when i teach to a college school belittle my credentials to prove who's the really the man of education. When educated man asks me about my masters or doctors degree for the nth time or belittle my grammar. I will shut up to say to my mind, I don't have any of those but i would slap on their face more than hundreds of national competition i won and some international contest I've won, winners I've inspired, champions Ive touched and developed. I they really pissed me off and insulted me. So get out of my way, mind your own business and don't waste my save you some time...

Man of education for me is not measured by masters or doctors degree it is measured by result. I cant imagine why Bill Gates dropped Harvard based on his results.  On the top of my head is that mind your own business and i don't want to waste time arguing or focusing on details. Grammar and English is not our first language but you really need to respect your fellowmen effort. Sabi nga ni Carlo Ople during iblog "Walang Basagan ng Trip".

I don't have intention to speech before about winning because somebody might get my techniques. Also my learned strategy and became my competitor in contest winning industry sometime. But as a concerned citizen i want Filipino to be globally competitive in whatever online/offline contest or winning they might venture in. When i closed a deal to 1 of the fortune 500 owner or billionaire in the US way-back 2006 selling eCommerce, website and SEO. I realize that this is the world of equal opportunity. Sad to say and to face the challenge to become a fair person that i value and understand more skills over my family, friends and politics in every decision i made. That's why i get hooked up with croaks and mystery purchases and quit politics a decade ago. Get messed with unfair seniors up in taekwondo handling program to college and university.

The only thing or hope is to passed the secrets and global competitiveness in the new media to my fellowmen. And that could be you..then the winner's place blog is born to unlock the possibilities of opinion, winning, making money online, skills, advertising, advocacy, selling and growth..So the time will be spent to school and work will be reduced to less than half with a better result and income...blogging beyond borders...

Winning Advice for Everybody
Remember this Qoute i dedicate to you Every Time you Breath
Evey Single day that like you need air..
We are all the Next World Cup and Olympic Champion Online
Thanks Janette, Mhel and Pusakalye for Pics and Effort to make this event remarkable.
my Next Goal would be contribution to Janette's Ateneo's Graduate School Program's
Digital Filipino Club Online Webinar, International Speaking Engagement,
More International Competition Partnership, SEO Projects, Blog Projects,
Contest Planning, Consultancy and Innovation/Upgrade to our Education System
Philippine Internet Review  Book Contribution and Winner's Place International Book.
Most of all to inspire our fellowman that winning, honor, versatility, agility
excellence is a lifetime Habit.

Couple of years ago i recieve a call from a Senator said he likes my proposal. About our education system to be improve. But for now it not being executed because we badly need result for good change. So, Mr President of Education System Secretary or Mr CEO, What can we offer to improve our present situation? What can we do to offer whats best for our people? Government? Company? Something which is productive better than politics and ass-kissing slavery.

I think we should include subject called winning in our education curicculum. Because no family or friends would put down good intention something whose not valuable or usefull unless your a biased crab. What do you think? Join me in! Because you want your family and friends to be a winner in every field.

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Thank you Jayson for sharing your knowledge at #iblog7.

pusang kalye said...

level up talaga Jason---I was not there on the 1st day eh. So I was not able to listen to your talk. but based on what I heard, it was really informative. tama yan ,share you knowledge and share your blessings.yihhh!!!!

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Thanks Mentor Jantte and Pusakalye ganda ng photo and design blo mu..for theblogging community to grow we can share our knowledge..