Saturday, February 12, 2011

Men Cook for Women

Is Men really need to Cook for Women or Woman need to cook for a men?
3 Bachelors is in extreme challenge by cooking competition. To win the Heart of Uno Magazine Girl Model. Is it the Chicks or Uno Magazine Girl hot? or the Buffalo wings with McCormick? I think its both!

I remember when i read the book of Action Star Hollywood and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. His dad quoted "Work hard son and live your dreams". His dad told also him Never Marry a woman who doesn't know how to cook and wear thick lipstick. Because food goes directly to the heart! Well, i agree with his father. And Arnold is a smart son in real life he followed his dad advice. And that's i think the reason why he is so successful now. Men's strength, rise and fall are inspired driven by women behind.

I Think within this case men only are not only good provider. But most of the women were attracted to men who can cook well. If your partner is sick or vice versa its really good that both party knows how to cook well. You may notice that most of the Chef are men? Men got not only brain and brawn but also skills that will captured the heart of women. In the art called cooking!

"UNO Magazine has got the recipe for hot, hot, hot. Take four regular bachelors, throw in fiery flavors of McCormick, add one UNO Magazine girl, and watch them cook up the best tasting Buffalo wings this side of the planet! "

This is a cool challenge to test the ability of this 3 bachelors in kitchen. and the winning entry will be determined by the Uno Magazine Model and Chef. This is a cool exciting contest that makes the relationship and courtship made even faster and better. Asset for men and for women as well to win the heart of their special someone.
Chef Hasset Go 1 of the Judge
Chef Demonstrate how to Cook the Dish with McCormick Products
Baxhelors Demonstrates on How to Cook
McCormick Different Flavors
Monogram Appliances
Various Models for Kitchen
Fry Pan
Top View of Cooking Demo
Dante with Sponsors
So hot Chicken!
Globe and Uno Magazine Sponsors
Uno Magazine Picks Taste the Dish and Declare the Male Winner.
Winning Chef for this contest will have a chance to have a date with her later.
The Host
Interviewing Hasset Go

Contestant No1
Contestant No2
Frying the Chicken with Mccormick

Tri Media
Crispy Wings
Egg Something

Left Kate Tan Who invites me.
Right our Team Captain Stephanie Dizon last Total Fitness Subic Challenge
Both Brand Manager of McCormick Philippines
Look like Twins
Sarah Globe Endorser

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