Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who Wins? Both Party Loss!! AFP Government Scandal

Lets bring new good hope and positive feedback to the leadership of AFP. Since most of my family and friends were here. I hope they will not be demoralize because I believe that the majority of the people here are good ones. Willing to sacrifice their life in times of duty and to defend this country from foreign and domestic enemies. We can't afford to create another Magdalo or another Gringo. Its just making our country getting poorer. Investors were afraid to do business with us.

Farewell to Chief of Staff General Angelo Reyes i hope this would be a big impact. His suicide is remarkable and an act of great sacrifice to save the entire system that need to be change and corrected. On how we can improve on how we execute and live with our system. As i believe that walang kurakot kung walang nagtotolerate. Walang manloloko kung wlang nagpapaloko. Walang naglalagay kung walang nagpapalagay. I believe that this will not only be applied in AFP but with all sectors of the Government even private institution. Wlang malakas kung walang nanghihingi ng proteksyon. Im just saddened that some of the soldier here are being exploited by big players. Who are this godfather? Those who? Does this person has family also and clear conscience? Are this organize group really happy?

We cant afford to loose another good leader or sacrifice more life for this kind of scandal. We can't be the victim of the called unfair system. We need to live the good life because we can't afford to loose family or friends. Just because we live in the system that we create. System that we tolerate or system that we lived, are this principle are worthy or worth dying? We are responsible to our own system and it must be strict and clean as possible. "If you live by the gun, you die with the gun" War, Safety and Security is a very big business were both party were loss and only the supplier wins.

I only know 1 thing is that when both parties are busy killing and protecting each other. Both party loss, both group of people loss whether your a rebel, criminal, group or with the government. Who wins? Guess What! The Supplier, the Arms-dealer! Why? How? Because people are busy killing and protecting each other. You don't want this to happen to your family and friends right? So lets live the world the right way. What is rigth must always be set right and what in wrong must be set always right.

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