Saturday, February 12, 2011

Batangas Trip to Remember

I had a trip to this place called Lima Park last Year and Last Week. We had a trip to Lima Park Hotel, Balai Isabel and Mt Malarayat Golf and Country Club. Good thing the trip was well organize by fellow blogger together with summit media writers. Lima Park in Malvar Batangas is just 70-90mins travel from Metro Manila. Visit for more info.

It is a techno-park exclusively for Japanese before but for now its open to the public. They have wide variety of food and good amenities for functions and meetings. Lima stands for Lipa and Malvar City because lima Park is within the borderline. The fresh air experience here is like Baguio or Tagaytay. And the ambiance is so peacefull, gym is cool, swimming pool is wide. Food were good from local to Asian and I really like the Japanese food here. The name of the restaurant inside the hotel is Asian Flavors. Batangas specialties really taste good!

The Lima Park is Just 30 minutes travel away from Batangas Racing Circuit. And 10 minutes from Mt Malarayat, Summit Golf and Country Club. Also 1 hour travel from the beautiful place called Balai Isabel. You will not get lost here because they have service and vans for your travel. They can pick you up or send you your desired tourist spot nearby with minimal cost.

See this Stone Inside Catholic Chuch in Balai Isabel
Sacred Stone Served as a Mass Table for Priest
T hey have function room as well perfect for Wedding and Business Conference
 Fish at Balai Isabel are Relaxing
 Sea View at Balai Isabel
 Surrounded by Trees and Gardens, Her Daughter is in the Picture
Thanks to our Fellow Blogger who lives nearby, She serve as a Tour Guide
 Perfect for Team Building and Family Gatherings
 Summit Point Golf
 Nics Holding Golf Hole Marker
 Nice Interior
 Country Club House
 Lima Park Lobby
 Thanks to San Juan Makati Expert Swimming Instructor
 Japanese Room

 Asian Flavors
My Room
For reservations or inquiries, please contact:
Lima Park Hotel
Lima Technology Center
Malvar, Batangas, Philippines
(T) +63 43 981 1555
(F) +63 43 981 2555
(M) +63 917 504 2385


Liezl said...

Batangas is a nice place. It's my home town. Hehe.

jayson biadog said...

Thanks Liezel, where you from?