Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Increase Sales Performance in Call Center

Team Jayson Sales Gospel 28 July 2009

Man knows the capacity of a great salesman; knows the strength and weakness accurate analysis. And always focus on solution meeting personal services and merchandise of the customer. Total customer satisfaction, Sacrifice our own convenience to give convenience to customer when pitching and always ask self to help business every time agent makes a call. Other agent’s goes ahead and other stand still even lower its previous Achievement because on how they deliver the presentation and rebuttals.

More forward even the progress is slow decision (promptly) opposite procrastination over timidity. Opinion is the cheapest commodities on earth you but have brain and mind use it when pitching. Take risk and never entertain ridicule be the mastermind and with a positive mental attitude that recognize no Failure (leads, customer objection, excuses). Organize planning philosophy and transmute into physical reality.

Like by the end of this cut off I will hit extra 30,000 pesos aside from my basic pay. Then maintain and exceed it over and over again. The most exciting part is the process its how you emphasize out of the box presentation and rebuttals. Faith and courage to make it happen very great courage in accumulation of wealth or freedom plan and demand these things.
Persistence the sustain effort to induce faith power of will made and irresistible great result. As fire small heat creates small fire, great fire and desire obtain great heat.State of mind always be cultivated. And definiteness of purpose self reliance can be auto suggestion. Never depend on what the company or government can do from you. Offer what you can do. As you think and grow Rich not think and grow poor. Poor minds always seek for easy things, But hard work and constant study of development brings abundance.
Definiteness of plan and accurate plans. How can I improve myself? A Better education for my family? A good house for my family? Good health for my family that I can afford if they got hospitalized? A good lawyer in case unfair people took my family's rights? Building Fund for my Church? I can’t provide it if I do it when I perform a lousy and easy job. And always depend on others.
Cooperation and sympathy and understanding habit persistence is a direct result of effective habit. Fear of criticism and live your own life don’t fear it correct that mistakeand don’t destroy this dream to achieve. Start hanging out with great thinkers and top sellers. Start to create world recognition and start to convert dream into reality.

Master difficulty a mystical difficulty laid out a plan like to accumulate 1m pesos in the next 5years as a capacity of a salesman. Power of the mastermind start empowering people and intelligently direct Knowledge and coordination of the people in perfect harmony and game plan. Power is the retention of wealth after earning it. Source of knowledge infinite intelligence and organize knowledge with a definite plan of action. Experiment and research.

Creative imagination must always be used. Let’s examine what constitute high sale and commission right knowledge, discipline and mastermind of the customer (Hard work, Study and Extra time). Snappy and Extra sacrifice and effort. No sacrifice means no challenge and no Effort as to no Good Result and Improvement.

Also to surrounds themselves with cooperative alliance with QA, Trainers, coach and management team with a cooperative alliance. Third mind is the imaginary of great men’s like greatest salesmen of history. Some brains and more efficient than others but a group of brain give more power than 1. A group of rebuttals and presentation becomes to
Every member of the group. Like teamwork for every member of Team Jayson on developing and implementing game plan strategies, presentation and rebuttals.
Henry ford came from the group before in life of ignorance, illiteracy, Poverty wonders how man became wealthy that way. After 25 years he became the great salesmen in the world of motor industry. He surrounds himself with great thinkers like Burbank’s and has an Imaginary great character like technical men, specialize man, educated man. Like Warren Buffet shares vision and sympathy also plays table tennis with Bill Gates. Donald Trump can’t beat Robert kiyosake in writing a best selling financial book then he do join Robert and they always hang out and combine force to create a best selling book, activity and organization of merchandise.

I am a wizard over adversity and I always find a that I will cherish the simplicity of true strength. Good and Bad Leads are given, system down is given, unfair people are always given but as a wizard I always find a way.

I think this principle and way may help all of you succeed in program. Because you all guys already know the program and this will serve as an extra supplement to nourish your selling spirit. At this point of time we need to hit our goal and exceed, because we already found and do things that doesn’t work before.

Summary of Reference/ Book: Napoleon Hill’s Best Selling Audio/Books “Think and Grow Rich”
T Harv Eker: “Millionaires Mind” & Interview with Robert Kiyosake-World’s Best Selling Financial Author

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