Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Call Center Ex. Power Statements

Team Jayson Power Statements

*We are so confident that this will work for you we are going to guarantee you an average of at least 25 clicks per month from potential clients or else we will optimize your listing at no cost until it does.
*We power about 600 prominent internet sites yellow page service. It directs traffic to our site so even if people are not familiar yet with, anytime they use any of those affiliate sites, they may not be aware of it but they’re already using
*8-10 who uses contacts the biz, 7-10 who contact the biz.
*ROI of $55 in every dollar you invest in
*Based on McGraw hill Study, those maintain or increase their advertising. During a recession period, saw a growth of an average sale of 256%.
* We will extend your reach or search coverage for your business since will be installing priority placement of your business listing, your exposure will not going to be limited to your home town, but your ad can target as wide as the entire area where you are doing business... With a wider coverage, we will going to redirect these potential customers to your business by showing your business information in front of your customers....It's like giving them an impression that you can serve them conveniently even you are not from their town, in other words we make sure your listing will be shown also in the result pages when they need your business... That is because when they type in their local city, your listing will still be prioritized instead of your competitors in their local city who are listed on the basic listing; just like your advertisement in your home town...county.Metro...State..Even major cities in the US.
And as we value your business, your satisfaction is very important to us, this program let you see how this will gonna increase more exposure for your business and most likely increase more sales and revenue to your business coz we make it easy to spot the good guys, so instead of simply giving you only one business category, we will gonna give you five different categories to be more specific in your business expertise...
This means that you will be seen five times in the yellow pages... Coz your wide variety of customers can use specific keywords to be more profound on the result pages they want to patronize; that's why you will be entitled for five biz categories of your choice base on our available list to be more specific in your expertise…
* With priority placement and with the customer that you’ll be getting, I’m sure it will paid back by the clients that will be purchasing your services.
*One of the best things with this offer is that even if you decided to remove your listing after 1 year of billing, it doesn’t mean that we will totally remove your listing in our directory but instead, as our way of saying “Thank you” for choosing, we will be keeping your listing in our courtesy section. So anytime these potential customers will search for your type of category online in your area, your listing will still come up as a search in our Basic Listing and that time it’s free of charge.
* This is the best time for you to promote your business. Because we have different stages of promoting your business and is the best way for that.
* This is the secret of true wealth for your biz. will help your business grow on line. Customers will see you, meet you, call you and do biz with you.
* You have a business so let everybody knows it. we know everywhere here
* I’m pretty much confident before you pay us on the due date. You can generate more potential clients/customers that will not pay only for these ads. But it will pay for your other expenses as well like utilities, bills etc.
* Well make sure that you and these customers well meet halfway. It may sounds good but I want you to feel it. Experience it and witness for yourself the increase profit, benefits you’ll be getting out of this advertisement. Float like a butterfly fell like a king on your niche.
* This ads will lead you, guide you and save your dying biz during a stiff competition and during recession times. Well help you make sure that you are the king of your territory and industry we’ll help you also, fire your competitors who’s on the basic listing.

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