Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Save Time Call a Doctor Anywhere 24/7

I met the executives and doctors of Medgate Philippines last week in their office in Makati City. I learned about certain instances where you can call a doctor while in the car, in public transportation (like bus or taxi), at home or in the office. This means you can save more time, 24/7.

I find it beneficial for everybody because you don't need to go to the hospital or your physician’s clinic to get medical advice or prescription.

You can call wherever you are, even overseas or simply taking care of or supervising your loved ones. They even do 3-way calls and video calls! And the good thing is that doctorscan speak Tagalog and other Filipino dialects. So, if you’re shy or afraid to see a doctor personally because of language difference, this can break that barrier. 

Because consultations are done over the phone, you have the option to have your medicine delivered to your doorstep via MedExpress. If you live alone,you won’t have to leave your house to buy medicine, especially if you’re not feeling well.

If you prefer to buy your own medicine, just call Medgate Philippines and doctors will provide you the prescription you need, sent via email or the app.

You can also upload images of yourcondition or particular body parts via the Medgate PH app. You’re assured that the information you send is safe because all data sent via the app are encrypted and secured. 
I saw this kind of technology in some movies before. They do video-conference calls to specialized doctors in different parts of the globe while performing the operation.

The trusted telemedicine provider partnered with Medgate Switzerland proving world class service for the past 20 years.

Now in the Philippines, people can have access to consultations with doctors, even in remote areas where there are telephone lines, mobile network / signal or internet.

It’s time to use this technology to your advantage. Whether you’re camping and suddenly got sick in the farthest mountain or any of the Philippine barrios.

Medgate Philippines operates 24/7 and a doctor is always available to answer your call, round the clock. I will test their service with my parents I'll post the result soon.
You can use your HMO membership or do bank transfer to avail of the service. Aside from competitive rates,the delivery charge of medicine, handled by MedExpress, is generally much cheaper than if you choose to commute.

You may call Medgate’s telemedicine numbers in
      Metro Manila: 02 705 0700
      Cebu: 032 265 5111
      Davao: 035 522 5111
      Dumaguete: 082 285 5111

This way, you won’t be charged with long distance rate.

You can also go “unlicall” with
     Globe: 0917 536 2156 - 0917 536 2715 - 0917 548 7673
     Smart: 0998 990 7540 - 0998 990 7541 - 0998 990 7542
     Sun: 09257147794 numbers.
They also have HMO Partners like Intellicare, Avega, Cocolife, and Insular. See more of Medgate’s partners on their site at 

You may also download the MedgatePH app on your smartphone or tablet for convenience. Get access to medical service via phone call and online.

Save Time, Call a Doctor Anywhere 24/7. 

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