Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why Choose Informatics IT School?

The question is why choose Informatics IT school? Last week we talked about IT and learning. So we listened to Informatics executives Charleyne Ebetuer - VP for Academics, Katrina Pastor VP Operations and Yolanda Soliveres VP for Operations. Also with former Informatics IT instructor Ross Del Rosario. At Spanish theme artistic fine dining restaurant in Eastwood called Cafe Enye.  

After the talked, I just found out that the school produced glorious alumni. Like address to President's SONA address referring to the story of of Emerson Paguia. The story of job transformation from Balut vendor. To corporate client or developer. Also other stories of highest paid freelancer and IT professional. 

That enjoys of living the good-life while doing freelancing IT work at home. Able to afford to have townhouse and send kids to best schools in Manila. Also I found out that its uniform were designed by top fashion designer Rajo Laurel. 

And trained the premiere ADB or Asian Development Bank expats staff for more than 10 years. One of its biggest account not to mention that they were recognize IT company by TESDA. Who trained 15 000 scholar nationwide in a period of 6mos. Mainly focus on web design, webdev, photography and call center course. Also trained more than 200 inmates inside BJMP Gov facilities. 

Informatics were Founded in 1983 that is present in 40 countries. HQ in Singapore, the IT school were also globally recognized with more than 200 branches worldwide (Asia, EU, NZ and Africa). At Easwood, Libis QC branch they are promoting
The Senior High School World Class Education and Summer IT program. For Kids aged 7-15 years old but also its open for anyone. Classes will start on April 27 to Ma 17, 2016. Early bird will get 30% for those who register before April 15.  

You may choose from the ff. in demand skills for IT. Likes Computer Game Design, programming, Blog reading and Creative Writing, Digital Animation, MS office Experts, Mobile App Design and Small Enterprise. A good IT foundation if your are planning to enter or dominate the silicon valley. 

Informatics college got 14 branches in the country from Cavite, Cebu, Bagiou, CDO, Cainta, Caloocan, Consolacion, Eastwood, Festival Mall, Megamall, Tabaco Makati, Manila and Northgate. Visit the school site informatics.edu.ph for more info.

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