Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dickies Intimates Fashion Show and Rock Concert

At first impression of Dickies brand you may think of an apparel or clothing brand. I even think about it as a high school/college or rock-hiphop brand. Now they even made it more sexier as they introduce its ambassador  Calendar Girl and Rockstar Arci Munoz. Who shows charisma, talent, beauty, liberty and sexiness on Ramp prior to death metal rock head-bang Philia Band concert.     

While these gorgeous lady's ramp and do the catwalk at Skye Lounge, W Building BGC rooftop. I was imagining the Maroon 5 Move like a Jagger background music on  famous fashion show live performance in NYC. The local Pinoy ramp version. Its amazing she walks, she moves, likes she talk, she rocks and she bangs! Then the guys go crazy..After that great guitar rock concert sensation performance of Arci. And Philia band instrumentals after the fashion show. 

So, I got my undies on booth beside the show. After wearing it the the next day. Made me realize those great sexy fashion show and band performed last night. But this undergarment were stylish design, fancy colors and with a sexy factor. That those models portrayed before ideal for stylistic men and women. Already available on all SM, Robinson's and Dickies boutique nationwide. 

The lifestyle global brand was formally known as Williamson - Dickie Mfg Co. A global street clothing brand. That offers craftsmanship clothing style that delivers everyday use comfort. Underwear clothing Intimates that is good for both me and you.

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