Saturday, February 6, 2016

Teleperformance Year of the Fireball Monkey - SM MOA Branch Site Tour

We celebrated the year of the Fire Monkey Chinese New Year at Teleperformance SM MOA branch last month. The Dragon and Chinese drum dance remembers me of the rich culture of Asia. Although TP is a Europe HQ based company. They celebrate its 20 years milestone of doing business in the country. With dragon dance and site visit tour together with lifestyle and bloggers who worked in the same industry. 

With complete facilities like leisure area (xbox, billiards), gym, even computer free surfing area. So its employee can take shower, do fitness, sleep, play or even surf the net before or after work shifts. Make them one of the most admired company in the country. That creates more jobs and opportunity to Pinoys. Serving the global market with world class training and facilities.

Bloggers feels like a VIP and fresh hires to these company. As we talked to its Directors like Neo Samson and Marilyn Ventanilla, partners Fleishman Hillard and employees while on exclusive tour. We even played games like what they do in Training. 
TP employ's 42 000 people in the country. With 26,500 workstations in Manila, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and Baguio. The company receives award on AON Hewitt certification as 2014 Best Employer of the Year in the Philippines. That will add to company milestone and stability since its first opening last 1996. 

Inside the building facility have we found logos on walls. The 5 essential elements like cosmos, metal, earth, fire and air. That will serve as a reminder of its core values such Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Innovation and Commitment. Also we've seen the actual training facilities and trainees. That are trained on how to handle various call types, solve problem, relationship care, analyze data and serve customers.  

The company brand was know as one of the leader when it comes to BPO and Call Center Industry around the globe. Its clients mostly were on the fortune 500 company list. They reported 3.7$ revenue last 2014 HQ in France that operates 135k workstation with 180k employee, 274 contact center in 62 countries serving more than 160 markets. 

That managed programs in 75 language of major international companies of various industries. They traded stocks shared on Euronext Paris Market compartment A eligible for with following indices: SBF 120, STOXX 600 and France CAC Mid & Small.

Neo and Marilyn told us lots of cool stories happened in the call center industry. That it takes more than just a telephone operators. Or customer service voice over. But also to critical analyze data essential in doing business in the global market.

Congrats to TP milestone and global excellence. As well as for 2 decades of trusting Pinoys as one of the best asset in the  BPO-ICT call center industry manpower. Visit or like  Teleperformance Facebook fan page at

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