Friday, February 19, 2016

Philippine National Yes to Clean Election Forum 2016

The first time I witnessed an actual National political talks and rally was last February 6, 2016 at Cybergate Tower 3, Mandaluyong City. Janette invited me to witness clean election on the making. I listened to the actual campaign vision of Senators even Cabinet members VP, Presidential Candidate and Its supporters. I just saw them on TV and Publications. But talking to them and asking them personally were totally a different experience.  As we exchange ideas, views towards clean and honest election. As they promote  the common ideas of #yestocleanelection #daangmatuwid

Presidential Candidate Mar Roxas and Vice President aspirant Leni Robredo were the standard bearer of the Liberal Party. Together with Senator who talked on the forum were aspirants like Nariman Ambolodto - Former Assistant Secretary for Muslim Affairs. Joined by Former Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla and Former Actor /Tourism official Mark Lapid present its vision. Nariman talks about its vision in the country mostly to solve conflict and poverty mostly in Mindanao. While Jericho talks about energy and building more hospitals health care system in the country. 
Next is Mark who talks about tourism and jobs in the country. I asked him about his plans to Laglag bala incident on the airports. He told us he will make strict system that will closely monitor its procedures if elected. Because they didn't experience these issue's before. He also mention a lot of other incidents like Balikbayan box and airport other travel or airport modus. That frustrates local and foreign travelers even OFW's. Hope he can implement that once elected then we make more action movies as well. To bring back the action macho fever in the country.

My former company President Ayie also talks about call center industry. Sites some of its growth in the country. And how Roxas planned Republic Act on BPO industry and worked it out on Senate to make it more profitable source of income to most Filipino people. Some of the business person and volunteers talked as well to share its support to Liberal Party. Then last our blog mentor Janette talks about strategy on online political campaign management. Site some examples and political goal to deliver candidate's message to the mass public.    

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