Saturday, June 27, 2015

Diabetic Gary V Goes Skydiving

When you were sick or have a disease don't pity yourself. Instead you live it to the fullest, like what the famous OPM music icon Gavy V does.  At age 14 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and doctor told him he will never live above 40 years old. And the doctor was wrong after 37 years by this year.  

Maybe the personality and mind power of survival matter most. 3 years ago I saw his energy at Music Museum live. I can never imagine that a guy on its 50's performed with that high level (20's like) of energy.

In 2009 he said  “I’m living a life with diabetes but I won’t let it stop me.” After 90000 insulin injection shots he is more active in his personal and professional life. He shares that doing regular exercise, right medication and proper diet helps him deal with diabetes. 

He even narrates weird food that he eats before and after concert. Like saging na saba while on transit. Even mind simulation calculations of calories and sugar content, if tempted to taste a scoop of ice cream. With the consensus or talking to his peers, staff, wife or 3 children.
I came from a diabetic both mother and father side. Good to know that my blood sugar is quite normal. My Last June 18 meeting in Victorinos, QC with Mr Pure Energy inspires me that sickness can't stop us from being effective, productive and most importantly enjoying the good life. 

Gary V as the endorser of DiabetaMil product recommends its good taste. I agree with him because I tried the product by myself. Even if I don't have any diabetes. Of this high calcium, Low Glycemic (GI) Value with Chromium Picolinate vitamins and minerals (that helps reduce blod glucose level) specially formulated for people with diabetes. 

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