Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bring Home the Beacon Manuel

Its been past month that various billboards of Maghihintay ako in Manila scattered. I wonder what does it mean last month. Until they revealed last May 22 at Edsa Shang Hotel.  It was Manuel L Quezon University glorious (alumni) sons and daughters. Although it was not Oxford, Harvard, Wharton or Westpoint which is my dream school. They can be at par if not exceed as I believe that legend may start somewhere. But education were the best weapon to interfere your career destiny as you succeed not by chance but by choice. The school produce such great a men and women of society that would make Pinoy feel competitive and a true hero. 

To name a thousand few's such Dr Rustica Caprio (academian - multi awarded actress)  who made more than 50 films in the past 3 decades. With a more than 50 national and international awards. Including a citation in the World Who of Women 1982 published in England. Although I consider awards is for amateurs and contracts - professionals fee is for winners. You can never forget the combination of two (more than any award) when you reminisce the heroic act of Fallen 44 of the Elite Philippine National Force Quezonian Alumni such Inspectors John Gray Erana, Rennie Tayrus and Max Jim Tria. 

Moreover, the recent winning of  Winning of Ordinary Rank in File Police Officer Neil Perez in Mr International pageant in Seoul. A living proof that Pinoy as world recognition (Are not typical white collar, laborer or slave) #yayameals got brain, beauty, brawn and character. Also to name a few like Justice Ricardo Puno, Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo, Defense Sec Voltaire,  Senate President Blas Ople, DAR Secretaries like Obet, Generals, Atty's, Dr, Ambassadors, Artist, Congressman and many more to mention. 

Like any other leaders our former President Manuel L Quezon. Gives a legacy as a proof that the future of this alumni were guided over the decades. So Ladies and gentlemen Maghihintay si Manuel. They are really committed of making its alumnus Sikat I wonder why? They even offer a contest reward of 1 million if your a student and you top the BAR or Criminology or any Licensure exam. Another motivation for you to study hard aside from Iconic Filipino University's name. 
Program at MLQU Alumni Homecoming in Shangrila was remarkable. As we were entertained by hollywood dancers, grammy singers, talented pinoy performers like. "MLQU regaining its Glory motto as "Sikat Pag Quezonian. Also announced its presence in Balanga, Bataan the School for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education (SPACE).  

With the involvement of Alumni public can expect more changes, improvement and quality of education as they lead by example. "Its about time that we get back on track and build the culture of excellence and legacy on becoming and outstanding institution". New San Jose Builders Chairman and MLQU Dr Isagani Germar quoted. The new leadership top priority is to breed 100% passing rate for Bar and any other Government Exam. You will always remembered to what you did to your sons and daughters  Ok, Im convinced so you may adopt me now Manuel - kidding! 

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