Monday, May 25, 2015

Lunch at CEO House

We had a lunch at Rebecca Bustamante's house in Paranaque last May 8, 2015. What made her become a CEO is that she was a maid or nanny before in the Country, Singapore and Canada. And made it on  the top corporate rank not by default but by strategic goal. From career, family to love-life, she technically dream and work it out. Day to day as what she really want to become in the future.  

Seldom you may see how a certain person from a lowly beginning with a burning desire. Of what she really need to become someday. I asked her.. who were your heroes? She replied Oprah and Hillary Clinton, they do extraordinary things to people. Aside from good values she learn from Canadian culture and Singaporean work ethic. 

Her goal is to make more jobs in the Philippines, also to make the country 1st world. I think She vision it as a Citizen-Business Person (Common your not a politician) You may find it quite hard but its doable as she lead/show by example. Also her company are in tour of donating computers to various public schools to promote literacy.  Also she emphasize to us on how do we value our time. In the business side, also on how to make it more profitable.

Today she connects leaders of various industry as a professional. Her company was an executive firm, also do organize various business summits such as CFO, Asia CEO Real Estate,and Digital. I mean before she worked with bosses, now she still works with but to the next level. That they need her to have or improve more business.    

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