Friday, March 27, 2015

Singles Pro Event Manila March 2015

Couple of weeks ago at Trevs Lounge Mandaluyong, I joined the Singles Pro Event. In which they prepared a games or dares to all single professional. Roughly 3-4 hrs of exciting activity. You had to hold hands, dance, sing, free hugs or even do dares to opposite partners without harassing them. Not the usual speed dating table dating game. 

Its more than that you gonna do activity together or even in a group. Sometimes you need to work with your partner or with other partners to minimize the consequences or punishment of the line up approx 10 games. I would highly recommend the certain event to any single pro. The organizers made creative program to put participants smile on each face afterwards.

Im not a good singer or dancer but at this point of time it was performed. You may find it embarrassing for introverts. But its actually not, when you are in a group and everybody is having fun.  Same with other participants as we do rotation. They do a lot of pick up lines they never done before. 

Just to please the opposite sex. Most became gentlemen and gentle-girls. To ensure privacy you have code on your name. Its your option to reveal to other participant that you like.

So, By the end of the event you would know your compatibility. Or maybe the person you gonna hang out with more often, do business or just friend acquaintances. So who would you think would capture you mind or heart. I don't know its up to you or the participants. So you may try and feel the thrill on their next line up events.  

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