Friday, March 27, 2015

Philippine Self Help Business and Personal Books Materials

Past years,  I made a lot of mistakes in my life most specially in finance. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I've read great best selling business books like Trump and Napoleon. Which receives global recognition, translation even endorsements by Leaders-Presidents to its home country.  

I read Chinkee's one of best seller before Till Dept Do Us part couples of years ago. I won in a contest of PNoy social media campaign head Jay. No doubt about expertise on money matters even our President PNoy and Senator Grace endorse and recognize his books-works. Of helping mostly working professionals category to manage its finance. How to stay debt free and growing each net worth.   

When I meet him last week, I saw that he put his materials on the next level like the work materials, books, videos and training programs. Remembered me of Industry leaders playing monopoly at young age. He even joke about his niche viral post about happy wife means happy life. Also lots of invitation abroad that he refuse due to time conflict to teach our OFW's.

The regular book would cost you around 300-400 pesos each. Like Always Chink+, Till debt Do us part, Rich Poor God and a lot more. The Money Kit package. Shipped worldwide. He was even hired by country's top corporation to do series of training program to its employees. 

On how to manage its finance to help them become effective and productive in the workplace. The main focus of his program is to help us manage and grow our finance. If you sign up at this blog you will receive 10% rebates on all of his book purchase as well as training and seminars.
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