Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to become a top Call Center Agent?

When you were talking about top Call Center Agent. For me I can say you belong to Top 1-10% of your population in the Call Center Industry ( You may categorized as Company, National or Global Level). And it doesn’t matter whether you are a Quality Associate, Chat Support, Sales Support, Customer Service or IT support Etc.  

It’s like comparing yourself to any course you’ve taken in college or what sport discipline you played.   Let’s say you enroll in a university with 20 000 population and you belong to the top 1-10% of graduating class.  

Or you enroll in college varsity program like basketball and your team won the national or international competition. That’s a top student or top athlete does. Like in school or sports training mentioned. Call center is quite the same you earn your name by performance. 

Because by the end of the day, month or week. It’s the performance determined whether your be a top, mid or the usual average agent. Everything is being measured and quantified. Still numbers and result doesn’t lie. Some success may mix with luck but i think it’s a very less than 3% case. 

Now you have an idea if you were coming from other industry. Think about what does an Honor student or a Champion Athlete does. And apply it in call center industry with lots of Extra. Like the extra effort, extra discipline, extra study, extra service, extra mile, extra patient and extra diskarte etc. 

I bet my last ounce of courage you will be one of a top call center Agent someday. If you are trying to venture this growing industry. Of course in business, school or sports still hard work is the best ingredient. Everybody in this industry starts from nothing, so you should give it a try?

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