Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where is Malaysian Airlines MH370?

I can't imagine how Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappeared last March 8, 2014? With no trace up to now, So I came up with an idea that it was hijacked. Phones were ringing 2 days after no answer? With the latest military equipment's im not sure if US and UK can track those flights. To give justice to this 239 people victims on board.

Ever-since behind enemy lines or the world is not enough movie satellite tracker. So do we really need to activate the real 007, xxx of Jacky Chan in real life? Where are you!! Or let's page Passenger 57, Airforce 1 specialist, or White House down heroes?

Or lets just give a reward to those informer who can give picture, video of info of that plane? Let say a reward of $1 dollar from EU Union, Allied or Axis peacemakers. Maybe... even Putin, Kim, China, Aussie, Prince, Sadam, Somali or Bin Ladin allies will think twice to solve this fool's issue. 

In case they hide the plane. I'm not sure if this treason is under the negotiation between conflicts or to avoid chaos. When the war of business in Crimea/Shoal is about to start. We need to live longer, Calling all superpowers and leaders to promote Peace. Don't be greedy. So scary, So no to WW3! 

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