Monday, March 17, 2014

F1 #TheWayYouWantIt! on SKYcable

SKYcable has 4 amazing features that that will let me watch my favorite TV & Sport shows. Among this features I like to watch is the 19th F1 world tour #TheWayYouWantIt! 

1. TV Viewing with i Record - So  can just do the record, play and pause my favorite show. Just like the old school cassette or DVD. So easy girth?

2. Add channels to basic plan - Now I can customize the channels that i really enjoy to my basic plan. Lets say i wanna add some show from HBO or Sports Pack to my basic plan.

3. The most Standard and High Definition Channels. So i can enjoy more than 180 channels and 42 HD channels in the country.

4. Payperview so who doesn't like to see Pacman on Payperview? Also some of the events here is in free view.

So far I like all of this 4 features but iRecord stands out. I wanna do the flashback of those f1 overtakes, commentaries and winning moments the way i want it.


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