Saturday, January 11, 2014

Split Martial Arts Van, Chuck & Janice

Last year you saw how Van Damme & Chuck Norris split commercial videos goes viral. I few people can do that not even me during my past decades ago rigid martial arts Training Days as a Varsity. Good to know that Janice Hung maintains it even the shape past years. Still quite same like before those CreamSilk & Panday stunts. Well speaking of wushu and sword fan. 

I always imagine Die Another Day (Madonna, Brosnan, Lovely Pike) and Ronin 47 with those adrenaline creative sword moves. Hope my twin brother Statham can do this. Haha but who knows we might do some action scenes later. The Video is a good fitness exercise and self defence even if your using an umbrella, ballpen or just simply just your body. A living proof that a knee can break leg so you seen those latest Silva UFC Championship big main event.

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