Thursday, January 9, 2014

“If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

For me to answer “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?” #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 I think its the education tech know-how. Many of us seen the success of internet around the globe such as blogs, social media and BPO contribution to boost Philippines economy for the past decades. Aside from OFW remittance, I'm not telling people to fully focus on charity or Government. Not to be called as Unemployed, Tambay or Juan Tamad. But instead follow the great philosophy in the past to teaching a man how to fish. 

For the almost a decade working in the BPO or Call Center Sales and a blogger for couple of years. I saw that one can earn more than an average American doctor or lawyer net a month. As far as global market talent is concern. Some of silent home based call center professionals even bloggers I knew already done that. So you may feel to bring the home the beacon. 

Instead of watching those Harvard Graduates, Highly Intellectual, Celebrities or Lawyers lawmakers robbing Pinoy time and money many times. Just my 2 cents as a taxpayer we're not paying you to play as cop, thieves or robber. But instead to make laws and improve our current situation. So you wasted our money then you make a show as a fake Hero you can never be proud of. I urge citizens in tough times to act as a real Hero.

But your not helping the citizens instead you just wasted time aside from giving bad image to the Filipinos. So speaking again of  tech know-how. Magtrabaho tayo! While not letting our fellow Kababayan's waste another mistake. Seeing bad image to the Banana Republic. So as a responsible citizen you promote the just and penalize or punish the unjust. One example is voting you don't vote for those who vote buy. You don't like lip service or celebrities or smartest. But you stand up to those who are more responsible in action during those tough times.   

Going back to tech know how internet provides a lot of resources. Like how to do this online. Sales tutorials and many more lessons...Freedom of information Act in the US is really helpful. For you to know how to do business with the government. Simple laws to know your rights. Independent and self reliant. You see a lot of tutorial even world self made millionaires or billionaires advice to the poor. Is accessible by the use of net, audio or video youtube. Lets support advocates like education and learning or teaching. 

I saw some big f500 company in the Philippines required their employees to teach technology to teach computer as part of its outreach program. or bloggers tech education or tutorial on its blogs. To promote either business, to learn, earn, charity or advocacy. Responsible company's and citizen who volunteer their time teaching fellow Filipinos.

In my case I do post sometimes sales technique and blogging ways to earn online. Lets make Philippines a better place to live in full of hope and creative minds like what our world champions or heroes does. We already prove our good Family closeness, waterproof spirit in terms of Calamity.

#GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 That its good to hear when you were travelling on the foreign countries that they like this athlete or this Pinoy/Pinays. Not to deprive our OFW's to be treated as blue collar or somewhat related to slaves image. Nobody would help us but the people around us. We make or made them somehow. Instead on of the best Pinoy world talent as a product of education or tech know-how.

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Lois Nicole said...

One thing that I wish I can give to the Philippines is a free medium of communication for every Juan. Every Juan wants to be connected in anyway to another Juan. That’s why we have at least one reunion, gathering, occasions, etc every year. Since we also have a trait that we are hardworking, some of us needs to work abroad or out of town, but Juan’s are known for their Close Family Ties, we can never celebrate holidays, birthdays without any transactions to our closest relatives and friends.

Text messages, video calls, telephone calls, etc. We have to admit that we are worried about our friends and families everytime there a new typhoon that’s coming. Juans are always here to lend a hand to their relatives – even strangers whenever it is needed. Juans are really creative, during the times we don’t have any options, we always find that ingenious ways of solving our problems. It would be really helpful if someone would help me grant my advocacy for every Juan. #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014