Monday, December 3, 2012

Save Boracay Campaign

Last week I was able to see the Axe Anarchy Campaign. The sexy thing to save Boracay by throwing your trash properly. In which they Auction Axe Ambassador's bikinis for this project that proceeds to save Boracay Island. Not only to please Diana, Jinri, Sam, Karen, Petra and Abby. But also to protect and save the environment. Is that a brilliant idea?
The Generous Guy named is Jim at Center of 3 Lamborghini models donate 100k to this campaign. In exchange of Diana Meneses a Brazilian model underwear. He just prove to me that he has twice faster car than the model Lambo/Ferrari at the back. 2 hours before the auction while showing me his Aston Martin. Thumbs up for Bond James Bond of Canada.
 at Cafe 2 hour before the actual event
 Axe for Men and Women - Not only body spray, perfume but also deodorant
 Live social updates - Axe Models looks amazing Live on Cat Walk beyond videos and posters.
So long my funny vet Petra doesn't win the Highest Bid. Funny thing that her masterpiece was sold. She got a very funny dance and talk on Cat Walk. See more video of the fashion show here at Club Republiq with funny host Boys Night Out Trio's.

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