Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good Things About Philippines TV in Asia Business Channel

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As you know good and bad publicity about the Philippines is being broadcast daily. But Asia Business Channel - Channel News Asia will feature Good Things About Philippines on its TV. Last week I was in Makati Museum to see this premiere called "The Philippines Move Forward". 

The key elements of the show before it will be aired in January 2013 across 75million viewers, 16.3million households with over 22 territorial country in Asia. More story to tell beyond Pinoy values, as we are 2nd in Asia in 1950's in terms of Economy to present. 

The show will focus on President Noynoy Aquino, Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras, DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Ramon Del Rosario and Jaime Zobel de Ayala. They will speak why its more fun to invest business in the Philippines. Will focus on banking, construction, IT, Telecom, logistics, health and transport. 

"The eyes of the world began to look at the country, and it is imperative that the Philippines capitalize on investors’ renewed interest by presenting a clear picture of the strides that have been made in the country Mr. Aquino’s leadership" Said by  Carleen Krug ABC Country Manager
It was a great Historical night at the Museum with Various Nationalities. That helping out, marketing good things regarding Philippines. The daily life's of people, economy, ABC continue to support our country as well as developing countries around the globe. Visit for more info www.asiabusinesschannel.tv

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