Monday, October 8, 2012

Sony Slide PC Tablet 11" and 20" Tablet 2012

Last week at Mind Museum BGC, i witnessed the redefinition of portable PC experience made by Sony. Like an iPad 11 Vaio Duo11 with sliding LCD with windows 8 OS. With stylus that allows you to draw and create life that you like. A combination of Tablet and Laptop i can type the words on slide keyboards while i can tap by my fingers moving the screen on other world. 

Simultaneously magical experience. At 1.3kg weight with 11 inches and 17.85 mm thin. An ideal gadget from professional to showcase your business like a tablet and laptop at the same time. Before im having a hard time using macbook pro and ipad carrying it (kinda heavy). But at this time its all in one with stylus super thin gadget to carry on.
The application video is amazing x loud and clear phase technologies. 
20" tablet PC - Good for home and playing soccer games for family. More lively and engaging performance with flexible stand. Good for barkada's as well like panel games. Even board games you can enjoy the touch-base color amazing user interface.

Ideal for gaming, drawing, mixing sounds to images, video, cropping and a lot more regardless of position. Ideal gadget for everyhome between choosing a conventional tablet and PC in one. Kids, adults would enjoy to bring out best in life. Sony executives told us the media that they do combine patents, technology with other appliances and TV enhancements to bring out the best in these tablets.
Welcome Robot at mind museum entrance
flat-screens simultaneously L-R digital robotics on escalator
We got a more than 2 decade old color TV at home and its a sony 

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