Saturday, October 6, 2012

Philippines Cyber Crime Law Advantages-DisAdvantages

See the picture above, as a Freemason freedom advocate. I saw a lot of Good and Bad things to the recent issue. I believe that in the recent implementation of  Philippines Cyber Crime Law. Got a lot of Advantages-Dis Advantages. I came up of seeing this issue are very hot on hackers, cyber sex, abuse, libel and other criminal issue. But I saw some loophole on this law that some government/private official may use this as an advantage. We got nothing to opposed as we elect the wrong people.

We don't want our children, your family, our friends or anybody violates our rights.  FOIA or Freedom on Information Act was such a huge success in US. I don't know why our elected government doesn't use  and implement this. If it violate the Bible and human rights then  refer again in the pic above. In fairness to anybody lets just reexamine the LAW.
See this video on how our Smart People, Students, People react on this TV Interview. But we can't escape plagiarists, cyber bully, scams, liars and virus hackers on internet. Lets reexamine the gravity of thought  then you ask your self is this unjust? Is this use to be fair? or take undue advantage? But freedom of expression must not be a Crime.

We empower government..Our taxes pay their salary and fund their project. So they have no right to shut up freedom of expression. People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. #STOPCyberMartialLaw #BlackTuesday 

For me Cyber Law must be fair to everybody. So for hackers,  libel, online scams and child pornography were subject to Philippine Cyber Crime Law.

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