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NEO AMCA (Law Services)

See the company profile below of NEO AMCA INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS CORPORATION. Neo Amca is the only Business Consultancy in the Philippines carrying a 5-in-1 service where the owners are expert on all the fields of Business Management.

1. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT- our partners have post graduates in Business Management and have been involved with Top Companies, managing various companies in the Philippines
2. LAW OFFICE- all partners are lawyers
3. ISO CONSULTANT- partners are expert in ISO consulting and are international lead auditors
4. HR CONSULTANT- partners are in the actual practice of HR and labor laws
5. TRAINING- partners are educators, too who believe and practice formal and informal education. They are the guru of the gurus who create their own customized modules because they are treated as experts.

            We at NEO AMCA would like to present to your company an all-in-one/comprehensive Management Consultancy beneficial in achieving your business objectives with effective and value-based system ready to stamp an imprimatur of International Management Systems which is at the same time is cost-efficient. 
We do allow a monthly retainer agreement depending on the kinds of services your company needs or a per project basis. The scope of management consultancy will depend on the choice of the company which however may range from Legal Retainer by our Law Office- Aldea and Cabailo-Aldea Law Firm; or Management consultancy to ISO Consultancy; or outsourced HR or Trainer. In brief, we are open to any agreement which the company feels more sufficient and satisfying.

            Please allow us to tour you to what we can offer, no other Company has all the features of FALMATO, only NEO AMCA the first-ever company of this approach:

            Facilitation – includes the following:
a.                   business incorporation;
b.                  organization of the business structure;
c.                   writing and establishment of internal procedures;
d.                  documentation of the external rules and standard;
e.                   processing of the papers required by the licensing government agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), local government units permit and licenses;
f.                   starting up your group, business, institution or even an personal business.

Legal- your legal concerns are referred to our expert lawyer-practitioners. Our Legal Department handles all legal issues from the:
a.                   simple requirements of notarization,
b.                  contracts,
c.                   affidavits,
d.                  other documentary requisites set by the government agencies and provided by law are offered
e.                   Court litigations are also handled by our excellently competent legal-practitioners.

Business Management- this covers various things, such as but not limited to:
a.       the evaluation and analysis of the business set up;
b.      maintenance of the corporate esteem, financial strength and cultural ethics;
c.       improvement of the existing management make-up for an optimum success and tremendous fiscal viability;
d.      more satisfactory implementation of the rules that set your company’s potential and growth at its peak- living not just at the movement applying the latest business trends but being above and appropriately ahead the set business goals. 

Trainings – our gregariously creative trainings and seminars are innovatively studied, researched, planned and re-evaluated by our experts. Our consultant-trainers who are not just academically qualified but also practitioners are the so called “trainer of the trainers”. They being members of formidable Educational and Professional Institutions genuinely live out the noble mission of providing a credible academic fulfillment. 

Others – this covers anything that the human mind and spirit can conceive. Neo Amca firmly believes that there are thousands of practical situations where we can be of help. These in general are those, which do seek for an immediate intellectual response, which words for now cannot possibly put with definiteness. Therefore, if it is about the others then it means everything you might need but not under any of the four enumeration.

We are proud to include the latest services we have:
1.      Outsourced Human Resource Services
2.      ISO Consulting
3.      Events Management
4.      Media and Arts Productions for company events and for corporate marketing
Our pool of trainer-experts/authorities are capable of giving out the following but not limited to:
1.                    Accounting Policies and Techniques
2.                   Advertising
3.                   Agriculture
4.                   Biological Sciences
5.                   Business Organization
6.                   Children’s Theatre
7.                   Communication Research
8.                   Community Building
9.                   Confidence Building
10.                Cooperatives
11.                Customer Service and Performance Rating
12.                Digital Media
13.                Early Childhood Development
14.                Education
15.                English Proficiency for Students and Professionals
16.                English Language Tutorials for Filipinos and Foreigners
17.                Environment and other related issues
18.                Ethics in the Workplace
19.                Facilitating and Counseling Skills
20.                Faculty Development
21.                GSIS Laws and Rules
22.                Hotel and Restaurant Services and Management
23.                Human Resource Management
24.                Investments
25.                ISO Consultancy
26.                Journalism
27.                Laws in the Philippines ( Political, Labor, Civil, Taxation, Commercial, Criminal, Remedial and Legal Ethics)
28.                Leadership Trainings for both Professionals and Student Leaders
29.                Legal Business Issues
30.                Literature
31.                Local Government Policies
32.                Mass Communication
33.                Marketing Strategies
34.                Mass Media Laws
35.                Media Ethics
36.                On-line English Tutorial
37.                Organizing a Business
38.                Office Management
39.                Office Secretarial
40.                Personality Development
41.                Photo Journalism
42.                Psychology
43.                Psycho-Spiritual Integration
44.                Public Administration
45.                Public Relations
46.                Radio Production
47.                Religion, Man and Society
48.                Retail and Trade Business
49.                Speech for Students and Professionals
50.                Special Education
51.                Stress Management
52.                Sociology
53.                Supervisory Skills
54.                Team Building Activities
55.                Television Production
56.                Theatre and the Performing Arts
57.                Time Management
58.                Total Professional Image & Power Dressing
59.                Quality Business Management
60.                Web Design
61.                Women Studies
62.                Writing for Students and Professionals
63.                Others (which our clients may need or request)


Conflict Management
                This seminar showcases the factors that may give rise to conflict and the possible way of dealing with them in order to cultivate a workplace where there is  peace, professionalism, happiness, satisfaction and positive learning.

Effective Communication  Skills
                This seminar presents the must-know measures to ensure an effective flow of communication in the workplace with reference to the organizational structure ;  cultural diversity and ethics on social relationships.

Fundamentals of Human Resource: The Key Elements for People Management
This seminar prepares the new Managers handling people on the ABCs of people management important to assist them in building a name of integrity and respect thus creating a culture of systems and organization.

                This seminar teaches the basics of the payroll system so that the company will provide what is due and therefore face no legal liabilities in the future.

Human Resource Enhancement Program
                This Seminar aims to produce a more efficient and effective Human Resource practitioner ready to respond to the needs of the present challenging times.

Conflict Management
                This Seminar targets to teach each employee how to handle compelling issues relative to the operations of the day to day life in the workplace.

Interviewing Techniques
                This Seminar trains the interviewer on how to get the best of the interview so that core competencies needed for the job may be had from applicants.

Supervisory Training
                This seminar understands the need of the Supervisors to acquire the competencies and skills that are important in dealing with the new arena of middle management which are absent in the academic world.

Office Management
                This seminar presents the real life scenario in the working arena that needs an eye for organization and professional dealing.

                This training serves as the basin of learning for our aspiring or new trainers who would want to be more effective in their presentations and influence not only among the group of homogeneous participants but more so to a variety of audiences which would to learn more for others.

                This seminar exposes the management to a more proficient; greatly needed and therefore cost efficient trainings which are meant to reap fruitful results from employees who pre-determined what are best for them.

                This seminar provides the tools needed by the company in providing excellently satisfying services thus translating customer satisfaction to loyalty, profit and more business.

Customer Relations
                This seminar steps up to the second level of customer satisfaction which focuses on handling customer complaints and delivering a WOW service.

Excellent Customer Service
                This seminar exposes the participants to the needs of the customers that must be addressed in order to attain loyalty and  professional affinity.

Personality Development
                This seminar enhances that professional life of an employee so that he can best fit a growing and developing institution which may not only deal with physical but also apt attitudinal responses.

Attitude Enhancement
                This seminar acknowledges the need to improve the way an employee deals with anyone so that a healthy, more productive and professional atmosphere may be created.

Corporate Leadership Course
                This course targets the Top Management so that the members of the management team though not graduate of Management learns the current needs of the Corporate World in order to remain productive and pro-active.

Re-engineering Good Housekeeping Techniques: Implement 5S
                This seminar advocates  stronger strategies in making sure that the workplace not only knows but shares by heart housekeeping techniques for an organized;  more productive and highly satisfied employees and management.

                This seminar instructs the company on how to effectively manage, keep and dispose their records /documents.

ISO Awareness
                This seminar gives lecture on the significance of the International Management System and on how to keep up with its requirements necessary for International Systems Organization Certification.

Labor Laws for HR Practitioners
                This seminar gives the legal backbone to the HR Practitioners as to the laws pertinent to the implementation of their company’s employees’ systems, benefits,  and legal affairs.

            This seminar provides a deeper sense of the legal systems and considerations that must be known to the Business Owners, Top Management, Managers, Investors and other Financial Stakeholders of the company so that their resources, investments and income are secured from the initial stage of the operations of the business until it progresses to more and more.
            There are a lot more scheduled for the coming months. Our modules are licensed for our respective clients in order to assure quality of delivery and correctness of content.

            Our charge is usually Php1,000 per participant with a minimum of 30 participants for Behavioral Trainings. While for Stress Management, it is usually 1,500 per participant. However, your company has a special standing because an endorsement of Muntinlupa City is had. With this consideration, a full delivery of each module whether full or half day for a minimum of 30 participants will be at 50% discount. Even if you will check the usual rates for public seminars on Stress Management, an average of  4,000-6,000 pesos per person. Please be informed that negotiation is only allowed to Companies referred by PESO of Muntinlupa. If more than one (1) module will be delivered by our trainer then, additional discount may be provided. The agreed amount includes hardcopy of modules. License of the soft copy however, remains with the Company.

            We would like to inform your good office that a more cost efficient training can be had if our Company will handle you training needs for the whole year through a Retainer Agreement. If so, we will conduct actual company visit and observation. Further, we will float the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) in order to scan the environment, then meet up with the Top Management to present and discuss the result of the TNA and actual observation which are needed to aptly address the needs of a growing company.
            Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Antonio Hernandez 09266634137 or 02-9989048 to discuss other things which you may want to be considered. Let us know how we can be of service to you.
                                                                          By:  ATTY. AGUSTIN  D. ALDEA

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