Friday, June 8, 2012

Pinoy US Federal Navy Awardee

I used to help Uncle on his federal mission here in the Philippines every years. From charity to Leyte landslide and disasters. To military affairs and community service. He use to be based in Okinawa, Japan in which he lives together with my sister a decade ago. After multinational force warzone in Iraq, Haiti Earthquake, Japan Tsunami and different dangerous part of the world for mission hope. 

To do ministry and counsel from the rise and fall of United Nations federal soldiers. As a chaplain of different bases form east coast to west coast USA. He used to manage to visit the Philippines every year to help our country. I remember we used to unload books, buy stuff in divisoria, religious goods bibles in SM, goods from foreign ships and US Embassy. To give it to our less fortunate fellow and calamity victims as a new hope. 

Congrats Pinoy - Fil Am US Federal Navy Awardee Manuel "Don" A. Biadog Jr. for Exceptional community service awarded by  Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisa Jr. Together with our Vice President Jejomar Binay in Washington, DC USA last June 1, 2012. He got a Military Civic Action & Gawad Kaunlaran Medal from AFP and Federal US Navy for international relations. 

While observing on his mission past couple of years. I have noticed the spirit that make the generals, senators and missionaries from mission group all over the world to do initiatives and follow his group voluntarily. Even as an independent or separate entity. Some private Christian in the US leave their business and work to do this missions called Operation Hope. Including me, So Good Job Chaps!! See his rainbow world agape gratefulness video above.  

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