Friday, June 8, 2012

Interview on Barter Exchange Philippines

Bart invited me as guest for Barter Exchange Philippines, RHTV episode last month. I talked about interesting stories of new media and blogging. The power of blogging as well as its lifetime visibility anywhere in the globe. Pinoy Swapping is excellent media for business exposure and collaboration. 

We exchange lots of good useful ideas for the benefit of blog readers, TV viewers and businesses of various niches. See my interview video here by Pinoy Swapping. My latest speaking engagements, panel prior to various college schools, Digital Filipino Club, Ecommerce and Iblog Summit. 

I do hope to speak as well to foreign countries sometime. As my daily routine was selling IT solution in US and Canada. It feels different when you speak in front of global TV. And audiences to swim together with the business sharks. Without being eaten as a hobbyist, digital strategist and pro blogger new media single afficionado.

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