Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank You Mom

This month is really special because its my mom's  May bday month. Also the very important Thank You Mom -Mother's Day-  Worldwide celebration. To the one that is responsible for its glorious sons and daugthers chance to see the beauty of the world. I love my mom because she is very supportive to all of us, her 6 siblings. She will do all her best to send her sons and daugthers into college. Not only that but also supporting each one of us in our success mostly in our fall.

Even the former late Chief of Staff were found confessing to its mothers grave before tragic. That's how mother became more influential that hone  unique knowledge and skills for every child. In Philippine history I will not mention the names. Controversial Strong rivals in Politics, Business and Showbiz will unite in the death of a certain mother. Because each of everyone owes life to mothers aside from the almighty God.   

To my Mama named Marilou sometimes I felt guilty of not following your advice and instructions. Sometimes I break the rules before or do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. I hope you forgive me. Later  I realized that you were there to support and protect me. Thanks for always waking me up in the morning because you know I'm often late and reminding me to do my best in school for my future.
Picture above is during our family reunion 15 years ago. Families reunite together from different countries and provinces. Happy 47th Bday to my mom this month. And also Happy Mother's day also to my Grandma or Lola  our  roots who had more than 100 grandchildren including me and great grandchildren. And a mother of ten who is always supporting her family in the Philippines from San Diego, CA up to now. Once again Thanks Mom for life-everything and Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers!

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