Monday, May 14, 2012

Bathroom Fixtures Innovation by American Standard

Last week I was able to see the Innovative Technology on Bathroom fixtures. By American Standard Philippines Bathroom Fixtures which is also responsible for Iconic buildings here in the Philippines like  Hyatt and Intercontinental and many more award winning buildings abroad. Used for both commercial and residential even industrial labs. 
Lets start with the Ventuno Collection - Luxury bathroom fixtures designed by Award winning designer Franco Bertoli. A product that you will value for a long period of time. As quality speak in the long run. If Bathroom is our everyday living, why not make the most out of it.

Mr. Noel Talosa American Standard Manager - Told us that he saves thousands of pesos on leaking faucets. Also the peace of mind when acquiring this high quality product in the long run. The after service warranty as well as customer service.

Stylish, Hi tech and Ideal. How did I say that? Because by seeing its shower heads, lavatories and water closets. I would say if, these 5 star hotels trust this brand. How about I entrusted them my own home? In which its design, space consumption and usage are ideal and fully maximized. 

They conceptualize the modern dwellings like the concept cube who uses modern sleek modern lines. With innovative technology using simple lines for good look. Style ideal for small bathroom in the ideal condo unit nowadays. Even make our small bathrooms look stylish and chic.

Its amazing how I see Computers, Ipad and Phone evolves. Now take a look at Satis Asteo - In which i can compare to these gadgets innovation evolution. A water closet collection with Soft music, LED dim light, AT seat open, twin nozzle bidet and air purification that destroys airborne fungi and bacteria. 

Speaking of Eurozen It functions with massage, deodorizer, warm dryer nozzle, hi tech water closets, seat heater that gives comfort and luxury to its user. See this award winning bathroom fixtures is available to major building materials outlets, Wilcon hardware nationwide. 

Can't wait to design my own hi-tech bathroom using this technologies. In which i can install wifi in my American Standard toilet controls. So that when I do the usual popo I can browse my facebook, blogs or twitter to maximize time. 

While controlling the music on my tab simultaneously while washing, massaging, heating, cooling and relaxing my (x)ss from time to time. Imagine my daily wonderful avenger relationship with my toilet is still under-construction. 

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