Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ryan Cayabyab Invitation to Philpop 2012

I meet Ryan Cayabyab last night, see his video Invitation to Philpop 2012 for you to get a chance to win 1million peso. Sali na!!! To support the Pinoy music industry. During our dinner he told us that he like to do music camp. To educate the youth about music. He likes both Amateur and Professional join this contest. Because the public need to hear something new. So you have 7 more days to go before the deadline. Ryan told us remember the lyrics "Anak" with many version around the world. For many years and decades to come.

As of yesterday more than a thousand entry already submitted. See more detailed info here or visit I had a chance also to see Ryan performs his music maestro last night with his singers. Who performs also outside the country. Catch up for the deadline, ill post more event photos and videos later. The remarkable night was filled with lots of Music Education and Performance by the expert himself.

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