Friday, April 27, 2012

Korean Pop "Ruby" Perform @ Eurotel

I took videos of this famous World Korean Song-Dance Hits named Ruby @ Eurotel Hotel, Pasong Tamo. Let the sound and dance speak  louder for Ruby Girls talent performance. What a wonderful dance performance, good for the heart of a viewer. They are not only good dancers and singers.

But they are also the model of the Prestigious International Motor Show 2011 in Seoul.They also perform in Magical Shows, Cosplay Events, Korean Spring Flower, Jinsang and Cherry Blossoms Festival. As well as Powerhouse LG & Samsung electronics, Coke, Levis, KFC, Elle Magazine and wonderful world events.

And guest what? They are good in Tagalog language as well very Kind to Pinoy's. What a talented young ladies who dances and sings like a cute Barbie Doll. They give and signed me their album. Which remind me of  Korea's dancing and singing entertainment contribution to make the world smile.

I think my cute sister would love to see them watching and doing cosplay. They remind me of fancy things. As well as to be always young at heart. Watch out on schedule for their TV show, ASIAN and Mall Tour. I think this young groups of passionate ladies world make their mama and country proud. You deserve a Kyueng Rye from a Sabumnimke me!

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