Sunday, April 1, 2012

Suzuki NEX 115 to the Next Level

March 30, 2012 @ Sofitel Philippines - Suzuki Philippines Inc release its NEX115 economical, sporty and convenient scooter for students. And for thus motorcycle riders who like to own their 1st scooter. NEX115 is the 1st Asian Scooter that has a solid intake and exhaust of gas. Packed with roller type rocker arm - this scooter will bring you to the next level with aesthetics and fuel economy. Comedian Ramon Bautista makes the game-show more exciting by asking motorists a series of smart questions about safety motoring and savings. As well as educating motorcycle riders about its new unique technology usage to help drivers. 
Its BS type carburetor with (TPS) Throttle Position Sensor helps reduce fuel consumption because it prevents     the over supply of gas from the carburetor. The new designed CVT are both light-weight with smaller and lighter internal components to help reduce fuel use. For comfort the 735mm seat ht. is kinda low and easy for new riders. Same as like your riding an easy elementary bike then transition to mountain and racer bikes. Visit its SRP to local dealers is 60,900 php comes with green pearl flash, brilliant white color and pear sakura pink.

Anyways, With 4.5 liter spacious under-seat compartment enough to put things and tools. Also good looking designed frame that enables riders a stable newbie ride. This will strengthen the line up, and will furthermore enhance the campaign "Bakit Di Ka Pa NakaMotor" in the field of scooter to the next level said by Mr Eiji Kobayashi -General Manager. The afternoon game-show, press-con and 6cyclemind band concert. Boils to always remembers me the chant theme-song-slogan Astig ka sa Suzuki!  

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